? problem with 500k plus tattoos? (in General)

QBRanger May 30 2005 11:08 PM EDT

My TOA is 507020. It has been there for a long time. I have gotten over 5k xp per minion and have not seen it level during that time. I know not many tattoos have been at this level, but anyone remember a post in the past about this very subject? I cannot find it on a search of the old forums.


Duke May 30 2005 11:12 PM EDT

budice had the same issue about 1 month ago.According to is post it did take a certain time to solve the issue better CM him.(wont be too hard to find him)

Jason Bourne May 31 2005 3:09 AM EDT

here is the earlier post by budice

ToJ is stuck at lvl 510,020

it seemed to him that after 500k, the tattoo began to level up every 1000 levels or so. maybe you are seeing similar results. i have noticed that at a certain point, your tattoo stops leveling by 20's and begins levelling by higher numbers. maybe you are in the thousands now.

QBRanger May 31 2005 3:48 AM EDT



I did notice my tattoo did level 1000 and not by 50.

AdminG Beee May 31 2005 4:14 AM EDT

Maybe time to make a little update to FAQ >> Armor/Tattoos >> Q: How do tattoos gain levels? to help explain this for future users.

Jason Bourne May 31 2005 4:17 AM EDT

np ranger...i hope my tattoo starts only leveling by 1000 soon :D
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