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Alienfb May 31 2005 5:35 PM EDT

Pawn Brokers / Trade In Shop

With the NW / PR change a lot of chars are stuck with highly upgraded items that they now do not want and no one is willing to buy. Selling to the store is just to low for these items and not an option.

What about either a Pawn Brokers or Trade In shop?

With a Pawn Broker you could pawn your item for say 70% of NW or less and then have a finite amount of time to buy it back, paying a premium of course. If you don’t buy it back it gets sold at auction starting at the price you pawned it for. The profit from the auction goes to Central Bank.

Or a Trade In Shop, you could use your items to part exchange for other items (value = % of NW) plus cash. You could have rares appearing randomly in the Trade In Shop but the prices would be a lot higher than the Store, ready for exchange.

What do you think?

QBRanger May 31 2005 5:37 PM EDT

I do think something like a reverse blacksmith is needed. That is you can downgrade your items, getting a percentage of that money back. Probably 50-70% would be a nice number.

Sukotto [lookingglas] May 31 2005 5:42 PM EDT

I would prefer a way to downgrade equipment that's "too good" for our character. Most easily done at the blacksmith though it might be less confusing for people if they had to go to a different shop for it.

Perhaps even returning 40% of the NW as cash. (I'd like even more... like the 80% we get for unlearning but doubt we'd get it.)

Sukotto [lookingglas] May 31 2005 8:56 PM EDT

You beat me to it Ranger. Took me longer than I thought to submit my post since when I started there weren't any comments.

LumpBot May 31 2005 10:07 PM EDT

70% is a bit much since forgers would just constantly reforge items and un-black smith. I think 50% is low enough to keep cheap skates down. Also it allows room for people to still sell items.

[Banned]Monty May 31 2005 10:26 PM EDT

WHOA!! What the crap!!!??? i had a dream about cb having a freaking blacksmith insta system!!!2 days ago!!where u coud downgrade your items!

and I mentioned a Pawn store on cb1 a long time ago no one seemed interested

BooDiggens June 1 2005 4:19 AM EDT

I think you guys are forgetting about the forge dwarf. You think he's going to be able to sit around and watch people take NW away from their armor and just be okay with it? What about his feelings?! ;)

Duke June 1 2005 8:12 AM EDT

The rate should be 33%
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