What happened here? (in General)

[EG] Almuric June 1 2005 3:00 PM EDT

4th round (1st round of melee) in a fight against 'The Slayers'. What happened? Why the two battle cries?

Melee Combat
Yozan Parsa hacked Lina Inverse with Havok [14789]
Yozan Parsa draws strength from his weapon! [5303]
Yozan Parsa's Havok went snicker-snack! [15180]
Yozan Parsa draws strength from his weapon! [676]
Lina Inverse takes damage from his own Fireball (14145)!
Lina Inverse's Fireball hit Yozan Parsa [140103], Gourry Gabriev [15327]
Yozan Parsa's Guardian Angel smote Lina Inverse (3943)
Lina Inverse cries "Teehehe!"
Gourry Gabriev's blow was dodged by Yozan Parsa
Gourry Gabriev cries "You better behave next time!"
R.I.P. Yozan ParsaR.I.P. Lina Inverse

AdminShade June 1 2005 3:08 PM EDT

1: battle cries are broken
2: you got killed 2 times?
3: you got killed by both of the minions at the same time?
4: little Melissa already knows how to spread a virus in Jon's game

[EG] Almuric June 1 2005 3:10 PM EDT

Gourry missed. He couldn't have killed me. And I was attacking Lina, so no GA from him. Did he have a 'critical miss' (anybody play D&D with those?) and miss me so badly he thought he hit me when he actually hit the ground?

Phaete June 1 2005 3:25 PM EDT

It happens more often, but only with VA enabled opponents that might, or not, resurrect themselves.

I also wonder how you could dodge if you are already dead? :P

I think you were already dead, but the VA might resurrect you, hence Gourry targeting, but your amount healed is insufficent, and the check afterwards if the opponent is dead is positive, so a battlecry.

/me is off getting some Pth

Quark June 1 2005 4:23 PM EDT

But VA should only work while Almuric is attacking, not in the other half of the round.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 1 2005 6:33 PM EDT

If all attackers attack simultaniously, why is VA applied after an opponents attack, in such a way it can bring you back from the dead?

Phaete June 2 2005 1:39 AM EDT

Proposed change to the way VA works

My point is that only reason defender resurrects is that if it were truly simultaneous, he never would have died. The outcome is NOT different.
Jonathan, September 21 2004 3:18 PM EDT

I guess that works for the attacker as well.

Jason Bourne June 2 2005 2:10 AM EDT

but following jons logic from last year, if he never would have died, why would the next minion skip him and go onto the next minion in his line-up? why wouldnt he just finish that minion off then and there, instead of skipping him while he heals himself?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 2 2005 5:06 AM EDT

And trigger a battle cry?
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