Tragedy at my moms neighbor. (in Off-topic)

Fuhgawz June 3 2005 6:34 PM EDT

Neighbors Home

My sister called me last night as it was burning and told me that my moms and my old neighbor's house was on fire. She also said that when they pulled him out of his house that he kept asking them to find his cat. There has been no word and I havent had the chance to read the story yet; but as far as I know they think it was faulty wiring in the house.

This man has helped my family for as long as I can remember. So i am going to try and return what little bit of the favor I can for him; with my next check. Also If anyone else wants to chip in and donate something let me know. Drop me a cm. I am fixing to leave for work. So i will check this thread in the morning. I appreciate any help that any of my cb friends want to give. Thanks guys.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] June 3 2005 7:01 PM EDT

In Fuhg's neck of the woods, this is called "takin' up fer" someone. It's a lovely surviving tradition.

CM me your PayPal address.

BrandonLP June 3 2005 7:16 PM EDT

I'm on the phone with Fuhgawz. Paypal address is:

Any and all donations are welcome.

[Banned]Monty June 3 2005 9:45 PM EDT

I donated

[cb2]Monty (Der Silberne Kuss) Fuhgawz (Fuhgawz) A Fire Familiar ($1544984) -- sorry for the fire=/ 9:44 PM EDT

maybe u can sell that for USD$

yeah sorry its a "Fire" familiar Lol

QBsutekh137 June 3 2005 10:19 PM EDT

Sent a very modest donation.

Don't spend it all on candy.

Good luck.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] June 4 2005 2:08 AM EDT


Fixin' ta ghit ta werk, are ya? ;-)

Fuhgawz June 4 2005 7:53 AM EDT

Heh just got off from werk =P. I appreaciate the help so far guys thanks. Monty a fire familiar thats as bad as adding fuel to the fire. Thanks thou I will post it for sale shortly.

Fuhgawz June 4 2005 8:16 AM EDT

Just posted some personal items I hope will sale to help out. Also posted Monty's donation. Also if you want to donate and can not afford the USD and would still like to help them any items or cbd that you want to donate would be much aprreciated. Please just post here and tell me what your donating and I will add it to my sale. Again thanks guys.

Synco June 4 2005 9:14 AM EDT

I donated:

Leon (Geralt) Fuhgawz (Fuhgawz) 471 Slayer Arrows ($533) 8:39 AM EDT
Leon (Allistor) Fuhgawz (Fuhgawz) A Lesser Tattoo of Endurance ($21982) 8:38 AM EDT

'Twas all I had. =/

C'mon people. Let's try to help out Fuh's neighbor. :)

QBJohnnywas June 4 2005 9:22 AM EDT

Donated a Combat Gi to your main char. Hope you get a decent offer for it! best of luck to your mom's neighbour. =)

AdminShade June 4 2005 9:51 AM EDT

Shade (Il├║vatar) --> Fuhgawz (Fuhgawz) $250000

thought this would help when you sell CB2 for USD :)

Fuhgawz June 4 2005 3:08 PM EDT

I appreciate the additional donations guys and thanks I am still taking more donations if you guys would be so kind. And for the items and cbd get ill be selling the for cbd and to USD thanks.

BrandonLP June 4 2005 6:39 PM EDT

I will match 5% of the CB2$ that Fuhgawz raises through the selling of donated items. I hope that several others will take the initiative and do the same thing. 5% isn't too much and once you have several people doing it, it can amount to big things. So Fuhgawz, when you get ready to make the item post, remember that I'll match 5% and hopefully many others will as well.

Fuhgawz June 4 2005 9:41 PM EDT

Sorry BLP I guess maybe I should have been more clear with my FS posting.

Donation Sale Items and Money

BLP that will be a wonderful help hopefully we can get these items moved.

{CB1}Lukeyman June 5 2005 9:17 AM EDT

DefinetlyNotFuhgawz (Banky) Fuhgawz (Fuhgawz) $100000 -- The Tradgedy Donate 9:17 AM EDT

Hope that can help. It's all I have right now.

Cranium Basher June 9 2005 8:13 AM EDT

Cranium Basher (Prince Chuckles) Fuhgawz (Fuhgawz) A Helm of Durin ($7413) -- Fires Suck 8:10 AM EDT

As it says above, donated the HoD I just camped. Hope it helps even a little. I know alot of people who have been affected by fires.

I will throw something else in... Before all is said and done.

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