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[Banned]Monty June 15 2005 3:36 AM EDT

Ok, first off I'm not trying to lead you guys away from cb2.
others and I were wondering, why did these guys quit cb1?It's still a good game so why did you guys permanently quit and spend your time here?If we could encourage more veterans (Like Todd, Chet, spydah, ect.) or even non veterans eh? to play cb again perhaps jon may actually open up the membership again? or make it feel like it was when we first joined.


Please, No Flaming Me

[Aqua Teens]Dudster4 June 15 2005 3:38 AM EDT

here here.

AdminShade June 15 2005 5:47 AM EDT

Jonathan will not open membership.

Its only a matter of time until everyone quits and when that happens cb1 will be taken offline.

[Banned]Monty June 15 2005 5:50 AM EDT

if cb1 is gone, I'm gone on both

AdminShade June 15 2005 5:51 AM EDT

if -> when*

[Banned]Monty June 15 2005 5:55 AM EDT


Todd June 15 2005 6:10 AM EDT

I suppose the problem with CB1 was that the system allowed for an overall winner, a character that was unbeatable in any number of fights. No one could touch Spid, period.

1. Elbows. With Spid doing 1.5M damage per hit and triple hits in ranged, there was no one who could stand a chance
2. NW. Although Spid still could not be beat on the first fight even with a much lower NW, the combination of his AC and weapons proved too powerful.
3. Time. Spydah and I had been playing CB1 for many years. Jon was struggling with how to make the game interesting for the new players. He believed that people were not staying around and playing because the top 25 players were so far out of reach.
4. Merging. Spydah and I merged to form a single team. Imagine Ranger and Sefton merging.

I understand my perspective is just that - my perspective. But, simply put, Spid won, so a new game had to begin.

[Banned]Monty June 15 2005 6:17 AM EDT

thanks much Todd thats what I was looking for :)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 15 2005 6:25 AM EDT

Heh, Spid wasn't all that! I would have caught him some day...

I quit CB1 when Jon stopped updating it. Without new content, games get stale. And without tweaks 'strategy' ended up being the guy with the biggest ELB...

Merging accounts was also like biological botting. No single player could fight for as much, for as long, as two people using the same account.

QBsutekh137 June 15 2005 10:16 AM EDT

Speaking for veterans of my temperament (so yes, there may only be one), CB1 was a good run, but then didn't have a lot more to offer. I was never the type to start another character from scratch, or even from existing equipment. I was just forging anyway. Spid had become unbeatable (against the strategies I tried, anyway), and once I gave Haste a try, I knew that if Spid did the same he would become truly unbeatable with a large ELB.

I came to CB2 so everyone that had not had a chance at the top spot (without depending on pure attrition or vast amounts of USD) could all start from equal footing and race for the top. It was a shame that so many folks milked the Hell out of CB1 right out of the gate and made the playing field far from level here on CB2. Fortunately, things are leveling out now as far as I can tell.

Any folks still getting appreciable sums of cash from CB1 --> CB2 trades? And by appreciable, I mean a decent percentage of what they would make fighting/forging/camping. Back in January, 50K CB2 was a fortune. Now, getting even 250K CB2 from CB1 trades isn't really a huge deal in some of the really high NW characters. Just curious about the CB1/CB2 trading, as I don't seem to notice as much of it these days?

WeaponX June 15 2005 10:42 AM EDT

i quit cb1 because with no new gameplay additions it got boring

CoolWater [Superheros] June 15 2005 10:53 AM EDT

In regards to Todd's point #4, I think merging should not be allowed at all. An account should not be shared with other players. It's similar to a multi IMO.

Nixon Jibfest June 15 2005 11:01 AM EDT

I've always wondered why there was so much focus on being #1 and catching up to Spid. I also don't think that the concept of a "winner" was really that relevant for most players, although it was an interesting point of discussion. My bet is that the majority of players didn't really care about catching up to Spid. The people I knew seemed more focus on just building their own character regardless of Spid.

Quark June 15 2005 12:10 PM EDT

To answer Chet's question, I make around 1k CB1 per fight (average). Given the refresh rate is 1/2, and the exchange rate is 6:1, that's worth about 85 CB2. So CB2 easily gives me twice the rewards. And I sold most of my stuff a while back - the market's dropped out of CB1 stuff.

Cranium Basher June 15 2005 12:16 PM EDT

I quit because I don't have the time to play 2 cbs

[Aqua Teens]Dudster4 June 16 2005 9:42 PM EDT

well the fact is anyone can become unbeatable you just have to try.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] June 16 2005 9:49 PM EDT

pfft, Spid shoulda stuck around to duke it out with Kronos...though he would lose ;)

YNM June 26 2005 2:46 AM EDT

Cb1 got stale, like bread it gets old moldy and stale.

Cb2 is fresh from the bakery and cb1 was yesterday's bagels.

I still play cb1 but not in the same way i play cb2.

All hail the cb's but the one (cb2) where being the "god" of the game is impossible. There is no ultimate master in cb2 and it looks like there never will be cause tats, items and all the nw/pr link stops the impossibly high elb's and weapons. Cb2 is like... the alpha version of cb, cb1 was beta and it is now cb2's time to reign. And in 5 or so years we might get another cb *gasp*. Maybe not but i'm ranting now and i'm sorry.

Teh face ( :D) loves you all.


Jason Bourne June 26 2005 3:55 AM EDT

ur kidding right....

i was on cb1 close to the beginning, in the "dark days of pre-history" if you will. i remember Staylow, protest boy, ventus, all of them.
i remember unlimited ba and farming one single person for days at a time before training.

but you know what i remember most of all? how slow you moved. it didnt seem noticable then, that almost what a year or two into the game, the highest pr was 500k with a score of 600k. Bozo1 remember him GenderBender? :D him and NSFY battled it out for the top back then...

take a look at us now. ranger has hit 1 mill score already, gyaxx is at 1 mill pr and so are a couple others, a lot are getting close. you're telling me out-of-reach?

im guessing within a year or so, the highest character on hear would easily trump the highest char over there. we are moving at super lightspeed compared to what the old cb1 moved at. it seems to have sped up after a while, but in the beginning it moved slowly, everyone was always in reach.

over here, after a year or so, the top guys will be so far out of reach, even usd and a 500% NUB wont put a dent in the distance.
and what it comes down to is what i have been trying to tell everyone since the beginning:

this game is doomed to collapse into itself...
now dont just blow me off here, hear this part out..

any game that creates something out of nothing, is going to have a problem with its economy. with no money sinks, there is nothing but a draw from the game. the amount of money in the game is not static, more and more is created as time goes by. like a country that over prints its currency, this creates inflation.

money drops in value because it is aquired so easily, and thus items drop in value. as more and more players get set with their set ups, and strats, less and less demand for items is made, and so they drop even further. at this point, selling a "rare" item to the store is the only thing left to do. i have a 3 mill hxbow on cb1, 3 years ago, that was a pretty good weapon, now? its crap. im not even sure i could give it away.

the problem is, somebody finds a strat, and goes all out on it, reaches the top and has nowhere to go but up. like avoid on cb1 4mill pr, whats left for him?

whats left for the others? he makes more rewards than we do, more exp and more money, has more NW, more $$ and more exp than i do, so therefore it is not possible that i could ever catch him, ever.

this game, sorry to say it, needs to have a reset. at least CB1. open up cb1 to everyone again, and make it a giant tourney.

i dont know what would happen when its over, what the person would get to keep the next one balanced, but look where its at now. its dying. at least throw DM into cb1 and stir up some life for a while.

cb2 is on the track of becoming the same as cb1, we need finer control over our characters, a constant evolution of gameplay and spellsets, and most of all, a chance to catch up to the top.

NUB is terrible, everyone should be getting a bonus, until they are on the top. if ranger wants the bonus, he could sit in number 2 for a while and get some good income and exp while he plans his next move. make it harder to be on top, and more respectful. dont get me wrong, ranger gets a lot of respect, from me and many others, but unless you want it to turn into another cb1 relatively quick, people are going to need a way to get up to speed and fast.

maybe make it so the top 100 dont recieve a bonus, that way the people who have worked hard, still can be safe from newbies catching them so easy, at least they would have to work a bit for it.

withought a way to get somewhere near the top, but not near enough that the people who have devoted a lot of time and energy into it are not offended, this game will fall apart like cb1.

i say extend the NUB to everyone, cap it at around 75% of the highest MPR and/or 75% of the highest PR, whichever comes first, and see what happens. you have nothing to lose, and you might even have a more competitive game on your hands. i know a lot of people down towards the bottom who have great ideas, but wont catch any of us in the top 20 for a long long time. i WANT to worry about these people. i want to see different ways of beating the top strats. the more people we get up here, the more creativity will be up here, and the harder it will be to dominate.

ranger has an impressive mind, i say we make him use it, instead of just worrying about Gyaxx :D

QBsutekh137 June 26 2005 10:37 AM EDT

Just a comment on speed...

I think people grew faster because right out of the gate, folks were _heavy_ BA users. CB1 was more casual at first (still seemed that way at least when I joined in May 2003).

Characters also grew faster on CB2 because the economy was established, making camping, CB1, and USD viable means of quick growth. Ranger got a quick start because of that (but hasn't used USD in ages as far as I know). Sefton used camping to grow -- he's an awesome camper. Now that NW is tied to PR, the 1 million PRs you are seeing are due to the fact that the economy was established right away here on CB2, and folks were able to leverage a lot of different things to grow fast.

Even MPRs are high because folks like Avoid and Bast have almost never missed a BA since day one, and clans have been in effect since the beginning. That means some folks have had a 10-15% advantage over a six-month period of torrid clicking. *smile* Things just move faster here... *shrug*

AdminG Beee June 26 2005 10:51 AM EDT

FYI, wldfr just hit 2m PR after 6 months on CB1 if I'm not mistaken...

[Aqua Teens]Dudster4 June 29 2005 10:46 PM EDT

i have to say with soulcalibur's response the reason the market was established so quickly was because of cb1, you had something to go on so you knew a little of what you should have your prices at.
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