MgS cost for +49 (in General)

QBsutekh137 June 17 2005 9:47 AM EDT

In this thread it is said that a near-50% MgS would run around 9 million. I am not sure where that figure came from, but it is inaccurate.

My MgS (just insta'd from GL) has a net worth of 3.4 million. To upgrade to only +44 would cost 7.8 million at the smith. That means a +44 MgS is worth around 11 million.

The bump from +43 to +44 costs around 1.8 million. So, just using an even 2 million as the upgrade cost for the next five bumps (probably a lot more than that) would add another 10 million.

Considering the exponential nature of upgrade curves (but being too lazy to actually use Excel to make a better guess), I would venture to say that a +49 MgS would have a net worth in the range of 25-30 million.

That's just a wee bit more that 9 million. *smile* I think I will just shoot for an even 40 for now. *laugh*

AdminShade June 17 2005 11:10 AM EDT

it was very quickly calculated from low costs of other mage shields...

Chocolate Thunder June 17 2005 11:20 AM EDT


I just calculated a +50 to cost about 31,520,520 and a +49 to cost about 26,552,191.

QBsutekh137 June 17 2005 11:34 AM EDT

Sounds about right! Thanks for the extrapolation!

Starseed^Lure June 20 2005 3:49 AM EDT

That probably explains Jons cheeky comment "ask again about the 50% limit when you have a +49 shield :P"

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 20 2005 3:53 AM EDT

Well with naming rounding up, should you need only a +48 one to hit the cap?
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