Bid increment problem? (in General)

CoolWater [Superheros] June 21 2005 6:28 PM EDT

This is not a thread to promote my auction. But I have to ask why my Corn in auction has a bid increment of 110k when the max allowed was only 50k? Someone bid 2.2 mil and the next bid is now 2.31 mil. Am I missing something?

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] June 21 2005 6:33 PM EDT

maybe the next person bid 110k higher? you can bid whatever you want....=X

CoolWater [Superheros] June 21 2005 6:36 PM EDT

no. only 1 person bid 2.2 mil which was the min bid.

csraven June 21 2005 7:17 PM EDT

right... like he said... 2.2 mil was the min bid... if you set the bid increment to 50K, then anyone can bid more than 50K at any time... min bid incr means that they have to bid 50K min to raise the bid... trust me there is no error with the bid incr...

CoolWater [Superheros] June 21 2005 7:18 PM EDT

yeah, but the next bid allowed is 2.31 mil. You can't bid 2.25 mil which is 50k bid increment.

AdminShade June 21 2005 7:20 PM EDT

csraven: next time go to auctions and see for yourself.

* Buy now for $3,000,000
* Place a bid of 23100000 (You have $791,256)
* View expired auctions for Cornuthaum


* $2,200,000 bid by [RMFN]Rubberduck (Black Card Situation) on 11:04 AM EDT

this makes a bid increment of 110k as he said. which IS an error as far as i know.

Maelstrom June 21 2005 7:21 PM EDT

maybe you set the increment too high by accident? There's no way to see now what you entered, is there?

CoolWater [Superheros] June 21 2005 7:24 PM EDT

maelstorm, you can't put any bid increment greater than 50k when you auction your item.

AdminJonathan June 21 2005 7:51 PM EDT

"To keep auctions from lasting forever, the actual next bid may be higher but never lower"

I'm kinda surprised some vets are just now noticing; it's always worked this way

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] June 21 2005 8:44 PM EDT

Jon, i think what he is saying is that the current bid is 2.2M, so with a 50k bid increment (the max) the next bid it should allow is 2.25M, but it wont let anything less than 2.31M, a bid increment of 110k.

and shade, you had an extra 0 in the 2.31M, yours reads 23,100,000 ; )

bartjan June 22 2005 12:48 AM EDT

Bid increments are always at least 5% of the current bid.

Karmic Mishap [Soup Ream] June 22 2005 8:53 AM EDT

Jon understood fine. You're the one who misunderstood him.

What he's saying is that the little disclaimer on the auctions page under the bid increment refers TO the bid increment. 'To keep auctions from lasting forever' - probably refers to items like this one with huge bids. The 'actual next bid' ALLOWED 'may be higher but never lower' than the difference between the current bid and the chosen bid increment.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] June 22 2005 8:54 AM EDT

Ah, i see :P

{CB1}Lukeyman June 22 2005 9:50 AM EDT

Whew, that's a releif, If Slayer turned out to know something that Jon didn't about CB.... *Lukey Shudders*

AdminShade June 22 2005 11:27 AM EDT

that 5% seems to make sense :)
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