Shade's Holiday. (in Off-topic)

AdminShade July 5 2005 10:10 AM EDT

Just wanted everyone to know that I won't be around much coming few months.

Coming Sunday I will be on a holiday to Turkey with friends, I will/should be gone for 2 weeks.
After that I will be back for 1 week after which I will be on holiday to Hungary for 2 weeks with my parents again.
When I get back from that I have some Studying to do so don't expect me to be too much online during that time...

So I'd almost want to say, see you all back in September, or sooner if I'm lucky.

QBJohnnywas July 5 2005 10:23 AM EDT

Have a good break! Back just in time for change month then.....

Maelstrom July 5 2005 10:32 AM EDT

Shade, you can't leave! What would we do without you? ;)

Have a good holiday!

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 5 2005 10:37 AM EDT

Wow! Have fun! ;)

{CB1}-Mokaba July 5 2005 10:37 AM EDT

Happy Holiday Shade! See you when I see you! :) And don't study too hard when you come back :)

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] July 5 2005 11:16 AM EDT

=) i get to catch up to Illuvtar then...=P

I mean...Have fun Shade!!!

{CB1}Lukeyman July 5 2005 11:55 AM EDT

lol, Illuvtar's score better not drop too much! :p

have fun

Blarg July 5 2005 12:00 PM EDT

Have fun shadah!

[corrected]TheRealKiller July 5 2005 12:49 PM EDT

zzzzz cant write anything in dutch :(
have a nice holiday and come visit me in belgium:D

IndependenZ July 5 2005 12:59 PM EDT

Oh, relaxed Shade! Daz wel ff btrz zeg. Turkije is wel in tegenwoordig, btw. Waar ga je precies heen? En in Hongarije ben je al vaker geweest he? Lijkt me ook wel lache. Zelf ga ik 10 dagen met vrienden naar Istrië, daz een schiereiland in Kroatië. En ik hoef lkkr nie te studeren, tenminste, dan nog niet. Kmoe wel de hele tijd werke, maar om de zoveel tijd kank CB2 doen duz dan ist voor mij helmaal perfectos! =D Misschien haalk je wel in ... hehe. In ieder gval, feest ze daar int hete Turkije he!

Have a very nice holiday! I hope New Players will survive in the meantime :p See ya in September!

Aco July 5 2005 1:54 PM EDT

Turkije is lekker goedkope stuff he, ga vooral lekker genieten van de plaatselijke schone vrouwen (niet dat het er zoveel zullen zijn) en de mooie cultuur, veel plezier en het beste he

AdminShade July 5 2005 2:45 PM EDT

sorry for the dutch here:

Indy: zeker relaxed ja, gaan met 11 vrienden. 15 dagen Alanya. Ben nog nooit geweest maar gaat wel goed komen. Hongarije ben ik al vaker geweest ja, blijft mooi.
Kheb nu ook mn digitale foto camera dus kan t mooie land eens goed fotograferen :)

Aco: genieten van de mooie vrouwen in t algemeen natuurlijk he, zullen ook veel 'buitenlandse' vrouwen aanwezig zijn daar, moet goed komen ;)

now for the English part:

thanks for the replies, Ilúvatar will be on a short break also, i won't retire him but will place him out of the clan. His score shouldn't drop too much ;)

And as far as me can't leaving? hmmm there are many people to talk to and annoy when i'm not arround ;)

{CB3}-HR22 July 5 2005 3:24 PM EDT

Have fun!

/me wishes he knew a foriegn language.

Kilobot571 July 5 2005 6:09 PM EDT

Have fun Shade! I can speak some French and some Spanish, but hardly any.....

Aco July 5 2005 6:14 PM EDT

du francais noob!

multi-languistic is a blessing

[corrected]TheRealKiller July 5 2005 6:50 PM EDT

weet ge wa kom op bezoek in belgie, het landje met veel maar dan ook heel veel regen :p veel plezier gast en breng fotos van de vrouwkes mee :D

TheEverblacksky July 6 2005 2:17 PM EDT

/me deletes lluvatar off his fightlist :(

AdminShade July 6 2005 2:20 PM EDT

hehehe, :)

TheEverblacksky July 6 2005 10:32 PM EDT

have fun ;)

AdminShade July 9 2005 12:30 PM EDT

So this is the last time i will log in until i am back again,

bye all!

[T]Vestax July 9 2005 12:40 PM EDT

Bye and have fun.
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