The Tattoo Artist is retarded. (in General)

Undertow July 8 2005 5:08 AM EDT

WARNING: This is NOT asking for a change, if you think it is, read again.

I just realized something.

We have a tattoo artist that can't give you a tattoo.

I've seen a lot of tattoo shops that specialize in covering up bad tattoos with new ones, and the like. "Changing" tattoos if you will. But I've never seen a tattoo shop that only does that.

CB has the only tattoo shop that won't GIVE YOU A TATTOO!

Xiaz on Hiatus July 8 2005 5:11 AM EDT

The tattoos on CB are merely your Wet 'em and stick 'em variety. The so called Tattoo Artist is just a kid with a whole collection of tattoos. :P

Phaete July 8 2005 5:50 AM EDT

Here in holland we got 'Coffee shops' that don't sell any coffee :P
Though most do, there are exceptions.

AdminShade July 8 2005 6:22 AM EDT

in Undertow style:


Aco July 8 2005 9:45 AM EDT

Weer een Hollander, eh phaete? The tattoo artist has very low creative skills, he can only turn your suck tattoo into a less suck tattoo:P (but how does he makes familiairs? he rips a piece of flesh of you and molds it into whatever a familiair looks like?)

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] July 8 2005 1:14 PM EDT

I'm actually kinda wondering about something, are the fire familiars supposed to be familiars contained within a tattoo, and they only come out during battle? Or is it a little mystical animal that follows you around?

If it is the former, then maybe the tattoo artist should let us do more with these tattoos then just change what they look like. I mean why not let the tattoo artist upgrade our tattoo. We pay ungodly amounts of money to have him make our tattoo better. Just like real life!

Undertow July 8 2005 2:05 PM EDT

AHHHHHHHHH!!! NO CHANGES! No, not in this thread, it's off topic.

In a lot of mythologies, familiars are held somewhere until needed. In Castlevania: SoTN, for example, they're held within cards. In the Anime Card Capturers Sakura they're held within cards too. I've always assumed that in CB they're held within the tattoo, and then jump to life at the first sign of battle.

Some familiars though are not "stored" this way. Harry Potters owl is an example of a familiar that roams free. In D&D your familiar roams free as well.

One could make an arguement that Pikachu is really Ash's familiar. ; )

Jason Bourne July 8 2005 2:12 PM EDT

/me goes and names his fire familiar Pikachu....

House July 8 2005 2:15 PM EDT

If it is contained within the tattoo should it not die when the bearer of the tattoo dies?

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 9 2005 12:35 PM EDT

/me hastily names his ToJ "A Tattoo that says MOM"
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