"We've got a Tezmac down!" (in Off-topic)

Tezmac July 24 2005 6:42 PM EDT

This post is for all you motorcyclists out there. I finally crashed my baby this weekend. I was at the track this Saturday and this guy that was taking the riding school class (noobie with an orange vest) was coming up on my inside on his Suzuki K5 (very quick bike). I have no clue how he thought he was going to get through there as I was pretty much on the inside edge of the track. Well, I dare say he came into the corner too hot and he couldnt hold his line long enough to get by me and he slid out and clipped my front wheel with his rear. Needless to say I went flying and of course he rode off just fine. He must have known what happened because not only did he stop his bike about 50 ft down the track, but he stopped it on the outside of a turn and walked right on down the track to see what happened (HUGE NO-NO!!). The corner marshall ripped him a new one for that and for causing an accident by trying to pass me on the inside and then running wide. I did talk to him after the fact in the pits, he felt really bad, not bad enough to give me his K5 though. After the moron got back on his bike and continued his ride, I asked the corner marshall how fast I was going, he said probably around 50-60 MPH. Thank God for my gear, especially with how hard I hit my head. The damage wasn't too bad, Ill need a new tail, new sliders (man did they do their job), a new front end, wind screen, and a part to my front master cylinder. But anyway on to the pics!

This side isn't too bad...

The front end...

This is the side that went down, I can't believe the tank doesn't have a scratch on it. One of the corner marshalls told me I need to teach his kids to crash as he can't believe how well the bike did.

Not sure how my controls survived and my master cylinder didn't, but it works for me!

Poor tail and pipe...

The frame sliders did their job, saved my clutch and swingarm for sure, plastics aren't too bad either!

Boy am I glad I had this because the only part of the actual falling to the ground I remember was how hard I hit my head and thinking "Eh, that didn't hurt too bad!"

Jacket held up good, just scuffs on the right arm, the shoulder areas, and the back. No rips or tears!

Pants held up good too, its harder to see the damage on these as they're black.

All in all I'm doing ok, Ive got a "rug burn" on my elbow from my armor or something on the inside up of jacket. My hip and ankle are bruised up, surprisingly my boots have no damage on them at all. Yesterday my ribs were killing me, but today they're fine. It feels like every muscle in my body is just worked to death, especially my back and my neck. Unfortunately the bike is my primary means of transportation, yeah how stupid am I to race it, so I need to go get some parts and a helmet fast! I figured out it'll probably cost me around $500-$700 for the parts and another $300-$400 for the helmet. I personally think I got off pretty cheap, and any crash that you can walk away from is a good one. So if anything, if you ride, please wear a helmet and gear. You may think you look wierd or dorky wearing your "Power Ranger" leathers on a crotch rocket, but it will at least save you hours in the emergency room getting the road rash scrubbed out of your wounds with a brush, if not your life. Keep the shiny side up and the rubbery side down!

RareSumo [Lucid Dreams] July 24 2005 6:47 PM EDT

Yikes. At least you're alright. You should probably just post a link to the pictures, as opposed to putting them in your post next time though. The guy sounds pretty intelligent, imo, and I'd be surprised to hear that he doesn't have stuff like this happen often to him.

xDanELx July 24 2005 6:47 PM EDT

WOW!!! Good thing you walked out of that one. You should get that idiot to pay your costs.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 24 2005 6:48 PM EDT


wldflr July 24 2005 7:18 PM EDT

Thank goodness for your gear! Glad to see you're ok and that you are encouraging others to wear helmets. They are life savers :)

Undertow July 24 2005 7:40 PM EDT

Other than the master cylinder, the rest is just cosmetic right? I mean, you COULD still ride with your bike scraped up, and just look like fool, correct?

Xiaz on Hiatus July 24 2005 7:45 PM EDT

"When Newbies Attack!"

Good to see you're alright though, :)

Tezmac July 24 2005 7:47 PM EDT

Unfortunately riding at the track is an at risk thing, if you crash, you pay for it. My insurance would cover it, but the increased rate for the next 3 years wouldnt make the claim worth it.

The rest of the damage is kind of cosmetic. I do need a wind screen, and I cant attach it without a new front cowl. I also need new frame sliders as thats what saved the clutch and swingarm on my bike. Other than that and the master cylinder, yes its all cosmetic. My plan is to actually just get a complete race fairing kit as that would actually be cheaper than replacing all of the stock plastics. Plus, when I take it to the track again, the race fairings will hold up better in a crash.

trigun July 24 2005 8:00 PM EDT

good to hear your ok man..and despite all this..your still here..and playing cb..hehe ^_^

Tezmac July 24 2005 11:49 PM EDT

Yeah, this game is too damn addicting! :O)

Tezmac July 25 2005 12:59 PM EDT

Well I've got her apart and cleaned up and she's not nearly as bad as I had feared. Maybe I'll post a few more pics once I have her back together with her new plastics. :O)

AdminShade July 25 2005 3:01 PM EDT

give us some pics with her (why do men always name machines with female names? :P) lying in pieces (you took some things off of her)

could be amusing to see the broken things appart ;)

Revs July 27 2005 5:55 PM EDT

Man, really glad your ok after all that Tez. Repairs are nothing. Your health and life = everything.

Shark July 27 2005 8:05 PM EDT

real men name things after women ...Shade..what would your friends think of you if you told them you were taking Bob out for a ride?

Tezmac July 27 2005 8:35 PM EDT

Yeah, definitely only chick names! Ill post some more pictures up in a different thread with how she looks naked (is that PG?). I have to wait for the girlfriend to loan me her digital camera again.
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