Come up with your own. (in General)

QBOddBird July 26 2005 9:04 PM EDT

None of you seem to like any of the changes that have been made, so why not come up with a few ideas of your own? Find a solution to whatever problems you think need addressing, post them, and see what others think.

For example, I think if all FB damage evened out (not being conical a.k.a. just 200/200/200/200 to a 4 minion team and 200/200 to a 2 minion team) then the FB nerf would have been unnecessary and the FF/FB strat would have half its effectiveness. But hey, I haven't thought it through that far, and I'm sure someone has a reason why this wouldn't work and their own solution to fix these problems - so why not post them?

Go for it. Tell me why mine is wrong, and present yours. Perhaps this will actually turn out to be helpful to Jon, as everything he does is criticized to the uttermost - if you can find the perfect solution, do so and post it.

[T]Vestax July 26 2005 9:10 PM EDT

Read the history of the forums like I did before you make such a comment. I took the time and spent almost a week straight covering old replies to old posts. I haven't even come close to done however. In either case if you just paid attention to the past 3 days even, you would already know that we have flushed out hundreds of ideas and variations of those ideas to fix such problems. This would also include fixing problems that just don't exist, but trust me we have the idea generating market covered.

By the way not all of us complain about the changes, it's just the outraged ones that reply first.

BrandonLP July 26 2005 9:12 PM EDT

I would like to see something implemented so that tattoos/familiars aren't pretty much required. Sure, you could argue that I'm not using a tattoo with Brock, but rest assured I am definitely testing out a lvl 100k ToA tonight to see how my damage fairs.

QBOddBird July 26 2005 9:14 PM EDT

I know, this is simply to put it in one place. Compare and contrast. It's been done before, yes, but this is a better place to put these ideas than chat ;) - anyways, moving onwards. Post away.

Barron [CB2BANK Investors Club] July 26 2005 10:27 PM EDT

I think that a good thing about change is that it's different (platonically outrageous thought) Controversal or not, the changes made are what drives the game and the players to make adjustments and change themselves. Change, in and of itself, doesn't have to be good or bad to be effective. Put it on your monitor: "Change happens".

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] July 26 2005 10:38 PM EDT

Wrong, Barron "Change happens, every other month" ; )

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 27 2005 3:26 AM EDT


Merged ranged and melee, or make ranged attacks far weaker than melee. Wait a minute, this has already been done for Archery, just FB and MM to go now...

Get rid of all the usless items no one will ever use.

I've mentioned the FB change you posted before, but it wasn't my idea, just one I like.

Boost UC. It still sucks.

Revert skill/item Evasion stacking

Boost the TBF. It still sucks.

Introduce some new items. Maybe a few new EO s would be nice as well.

Make DM work off of total stacked ED s, not on a per minion basis.

I'm sure I'll think of some more, but it's early...

Stephen Young July 27 2005 4:07 AM EDT

I agree with everything GL said except for two little details.

Instead of boosting UC and TBF... Nerf EVERYTHING besides UC and TBF. ;)

[T]Vestax July 27 2005 4:56 AM EDT

but how would you nerf HP? :)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 27 2005 5:03 AM EDT

Make it give less HP per level? :/

[T]Vestax July 27 2005 5:08 AM EDT

HP: 42,000/42,000/50,000
would be a be a bit confusing.

Stephen Young July 27 2005 5:09 AM EDT

You could increase cost-per-point.

/me laughs evily.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 27 2005 5:10 AM EDT

Ah... The Blizzard way of doing things.

Don't bring everyone up to the same level, nerf it all to crap! ;)

AdminShade July 27 2005 9:15 AM EDT

so you dare say to create a reset for everyone?? o.o thats one of the reasons i quit playing diablo 2...

Barron [CB2BANK Investors Club] July 27 2005 10:40 AM EDT

i have a low PR, but a reset for everyone would be, well, mean. I could deal with it though. To work well, you'd have to reset every tattoo back to base as well.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] July 27 2005 10:47 AM EDT

GL, if all the useless weapons are deleted from the game, all the store will ever spawn is rares/ultra-rares, not too good for the camping business, since the market will be flooded with rares (like when everyone sold out of Cb1 for Cb2)

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] July 27 2005 11:11 AM EDT

The point of the huge amounts of crap is to try and disguise the odd rare or 2 and make it more work for people going into the store to find the valuable stuff.
Imagine if a bunch of slightly upgraded rapiers were sold to store and the lowest base MH spawned in store, campers would be in huge competition with timing then and possibly even miss it due to all the rapiers and they skip over it :)

QBOddBird July 27 2005 11:20 AM EDT

Actually, players use those lower weapons on lower characters. =) That and NW would kill players with a lower PR if only rares spawned.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 27 2005 1:38 PM EDT

I don't agree... The only weapon anyone has to use is a whip. Once they've earned thier first 8 xp, it can be sunk into a DD spell and you'll get better results then buying a rapier, tulwar, long sword, and working your way up the weapon chain.

Save your cash, get a high level uncommon weapon, that people can't seem to give away, or upgrade the weapon you have.

Just don't keep spending cash as soon as the next highest base damage becomes available.

The same with armour like DCM s. They server no purpose.

Show me just one charcater that is activly using a tulwar, and I'll drop this subject.
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