New admins (in Changelog)

AdminJonathan July 27 2005 12:10 AM EDT

Full admins: G Beee

Sub-admins: mrwuss, Vestax

Thanks for the help!

SaintMichael July 27 2005 12:11 AM EDT

Hurroo! Congrats, nice choices.

Special J July 27 2005 12:11 AM EDT

/salu ;)

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] July 27 2005 12:12 AM EDT

Congrats guys

LumpBot July 27 2005 12:12 AM EDT

G Beee deserved it!

Biscuitback July 27 2005 12:19 AM EDT


wldflr July 27 2005 12:23 AM EDT

G_Beee! Great choice :)

YNM July 27 2005 12:26 AM EDT

yay vestax

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] July 27 2005 1:03 AM EDT

wow clanmate Vestax, congrats, =)

Congrats GB and mrwuss...=)

Maelstrom July 27 2005 1:26 AM EDT

Congrats everyone!
And mrwuss, I saw your nomination coming weeks ago ;)

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] July 27 2005 1:41 AM EDT

Congrats G Beee, mrwuss and vestax!

Mikel July 27 2005 2:13 AM EDT

Congrats to you 3. :)

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] July 27 2005 2:49 AM EDT

Ab fab, guys! Congrats go out to all of you and Bart, as I will harass him much less now. ;)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 27 2005 3:20 AM EDT


CoolWater [Superheros] July 27 2005 4:00 AM EDT

congrats to all 3.

[T]Vestax July 27 2005 4:46 AM EDT

Thanks, I'll try not to disappoint anyone.
Congrats to mrwuss and G Beee as well.

QBJohnnywas July 27 2005 4:47 AM EDT

Congrats people! Nice choices.

AdminG Beee July 27 2005 5:35 AM EDT

Thanks for all the nice comments and CMs I have received.

I'm not so sure about this G_Beee guy, but I am sure mrwuss and Vestax will be a great addition to the support team already in place.

AdminShade July 27 2005 5:38 AM EDT

congrats you 3, and I'm sure that that G_Beee guy will do a nice job also :P

[Banned]Monty July 27 2005 6:30 AM EDT

Congratulations! :)

TheEvolution July 27 2005 9:35 AM EDT


Zoglog[T] [big bucks] July 27 2005 9:51 AM EDT

Congrats G I couldn't have thought of anyone more worthwhile :D

I would also have thought Shade but he has already given reasons against it so big shout out to all you good guys :)

{CB1}-Mokaba July 27 2005 12:28 PM EDT

Congratulations to G. Beee and mrwuss and Vestax!! :) Keep up the good works guys :)

TheEverblacksky July 27 2005 1:43 PM EDT

'grats! you guys had it coming =D

[EG]Stump July 27 2005 4:36 PM EDT

Congrats, and don't let the turkeys get you down.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] July 27 2005 4:41 PM EDT

Yay GB and others! Let CB live long and prosper in the wake of new admins!

darkpixie July 27 2005 6:39 PM EDT

Gratz to all of you.
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