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RareSumo [Lucid Dreams] July 31 2005 8:55 PM EDT

Here's another word game. Rules are the same as the last 2 except no hints and the word is going backwards this time, that means, I'm going to give you the letters in reverse order, and I'm going to list them as such. i.e. if the word is lemon, I'll give you n-o-m-e-l. Good Luck!

(After some thought, it's a long word, so you get 2 letters per time I drop by..)

The word so far;

QBRanger July 31 2005 8:56 PM EDT


Cheer Us On To State July 31 2005 9:06 PM EDT

get a hint this time?

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] July 31 2005 9:07 PM EDT


Fantasysage July 31 2005 9:07 PM EDT

Too many words so far to even try to guess...

RareSumo [Lucid Dreams] July 31 2005 9:09 PM EDT

The word so far;
etai .. so it ends in iate... which is still just an ending..

let's make it..

QBRanger July 31 2005 9:12 PM EDT


{CB3}-HR22 July 31 2005 9:13 PM EDT

whats the point of doing it backwards?

Fantasysage July 31 2005 9:18 PM EDT


Cheer Us On To State July 31 2005 9:20 PM EDT

does it have to do with something in carnage blender? or a hint would be nice so we arnt just pickin these words out of the air

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] July 31 2005 9:22 PM EDT


[EG] Almuric July 31 2005 9:32 PM EDT


IronicMandible July 31 2005 9:35 PM EDT


Zoglog[T] [big bucks] July 31 2005 9:39 PM EDT


thnatic July 31 2005 9:47 PM EDT


/me expropriates the RoE from Raresumo

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] July 31 2005 9:54 PM EDT

ignore mine, I'm going blind with tiredness and skipped over where you added a 'r'

maulaxe July 31 2005 10:08 PM EDT


maulaxe July 31 2005 10:11 PM EDT

wow. what a nOOb!
i guess i dont read either...

Genius [MoneyTalks] July 31 2005 10:26 PM EDT


mchaos July 31 2005 10:31 PM EDT


trigun July 31 2005 10:44 PM EDT



QBSefton [Black Cheetah Bazaar] July 31 2005 10:55 PM EDT


wldflr July 31 2005 10:57 PM EDT

luxuriate :)

trigun July 31 2005 11:03 PM EDT


boomdogg July 31 2005 11:28 PM EDT


Mikel July 31 2005 11:28 PM EDT


QBOddBird July 31 2005 11:33 PM EDT


Mem July 31 2005 11:38 PM EDT


Relic July 31 2005 11:46 PM EDT


Relic July 31 2005 11:49 PM EDT

Doh, someone already guessed that...How about...


Biscuitback August 1 2005 2:12 AM EDT

i bet i'm wrong, but i will give it a shot...


maulaxe August 1 2005 3:51 AM EDT

all the good ones are taken :(


Adrian Exodus August 1 2005 4:08 AM EDT

i didn't see it so.


IndependenZ August 1 2005 5:29 AM EDT


stri·ate ( P ) Pronunciation Key (strt)
tr.v. stri·at·ed, stri·at·ing, stri·ates
To mark with striae or striations.

adj. also stri·at·ed (-td)
Marked with striae; striped, grooved, or ridged.
Consisting of a stria or striae

In medical terms:
Striped with parallel longitudinal lines or ridges.

HellShark [Formper] August 1 2005 6:03 AM EDT

temperature? lol where'd that come from

Captain Charisma August 1 2005 6:51 AM EDT


RareSumo [Lucid Dreams] August 1 2005 11:04 AM EDT

The word was appropriate, so ranger won. Sorry about taking so long to announce that, like I've stated, I don't play cb2 anymore so I don't come here often. Sending it to him now.
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