ToE Clarification (in General)

[SoV] Shiv [/me Forge Stuff :D] August 11 2005 3:58 AM EDT

Hi pplz.

Just wanted to clarify: If i have a 4 minion team and i equip the first minion with the ToE. Would protect him from some %(80%?) in dmg and the following minions would have protection but in a decreasing amount?

/me "ill prob need to revise the top Q"

and secondly

if i equip the last minion(4th) would only this minion be protected by the ToEs aura? and the first 3 would have no ToE protection?

[SoV] Shiv [/me Forge Stuff :D] August 11 2005 4:02 AM EDT

just to add on...

"lvl of endurance granted to ToE wearer reduced by 40%; endurance also granted to companions (at a lower level) " Jon.

would that "lower level be equivalent to the 3 minions[using above example]"?

i gather "lvl of endurance granted to ToE wearer reduced by 40%" means a 40% reduction in dmg, not some agility db/evasion sort of effect?

[SoV] Shiv [/me Forge Stuff :D] August 11 2005 4:04 AM EDT

/me just reread last 2 posts

/me says "horrible grammar!"

hopefully u guys understand what i was asking :P

Warchild August 11 2005 8:50 AM EDT

1st: Nowhere in the description of ToE is there any reference to the ToE aura being dependent on which minion is wearing the ToE. ToE grants endurance to the wearer and, at a reduced effect, all other minions regardless of order (ie you can put the ToE on the first or fourth minions and the other minions will still get the aura effect.)

2nd: Nowhere in the description of TOE is there any reference to evasion. To be honest I have no idea where you even got that one.

3rd: The :"reduced by 40%" simply means that the amount of damage that a ToE will block was reduced (they were originally blocking insane amounts of damage) but, as a trade off, Jon made ToE grant a smaller bit of endurance to the other minions.

AdminJonathan August 11 2005 9:12 AM EDT

Warchild is correct on all counts.

QBRanger August 11 2005 9:14 AM EDT

Perhaps Shiv is confused. The TBF currently grants evasion. A few months ago, the TOA granted evasion but that has been since changed.

[T]Vestax August 11 2005 12:21 PM EDT

Well, he did use the word "not" in reference to the agility evasion thing. My guess is that he already pretty much guessed it was talking about damage only.

[SoV] Shiv [/me Forge Stuff :D] August 12 2005 1:08 AM EDT

/me was confused. Now i have it straight!

Thanks to all who replied.

Wonderpuff August 12 2005 4:57 PM EDT

Enough of the /me stuff.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] August 12 2005 6:02 PM EDT

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