Make my strategy better, if you like to help :) (in General)

AdminShade August 26 2005 7:16 AM EDT

Please inspect my character Iluvatar if you want and give me hints on what i could improve more.

Some statistics about the character:

Antimagic Field: 179,337/182,069 (?)
Ablative Shield: 179,666/182,070 (86,249)

HP: 114,697/114,697
ST: 311,368/114,697
DX: 256,892/114,697
Vampiric Aura: 44,060/50,000 (?)

The Iron Crown is a HoD, the Dragon is a ToA and the ranged weapon is an Exbow.

I try to run a pretty basic ET strategy and won't change that, so the helping things should be in terms of stat balancing and/or item choices/upgrades.

I already have some ideas but just want a general opinion before I try to change some things on my own :)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] August 26 2005 7:24 AM EDT

If you're not willing to change the 'chanter, then buff your tank.

Drop the CML s for a pair of DB s. Drop the HoD for a HoE. And train more Dex. Don't bother with + Dex items, as your ToA will provide a bigger benefit in that area.

I'd try to tempt you to drop the AMF/AS make Ungoliant a Wall with a MgS and train some AMF on Melkor though.

With a big ToA Tank, only bigger tanks (which you'll always have a problem with) and mages will bother you. The MgS Wall will help neuter mages.

QBJohnnywas August 26 2005 7:25 AM EDT

If you're sticking to the ET team I would consider putting some XP into your enchanter's HP. Because if you're facing DM you're losing the enchanter's meatshield capacity and without that your tank isn't going to last as long. I'd also think about saving for a Morg/BoTh and maybe going down the bloodlust tank route.

Finally I'd up your tank's DX. He's pretty slow and heavy on his feet in comparison to other ToA tanks.

QBJohnnywas August 26 2005 7:39 AM EDT

I would consider the wall. I think they're a horrible idea but I succumbed to it myself and it made a huge difference to the outcome of my fights. However I would consider it as an addition to your team not a change. Go three minion!

Warchild August 26 2005 11:48 AM EDT


Pluses from this change:
Corn adds to your spells while ditching the buckler will take away the penalties.
DB will help avoid hits from Tanks

Loss of AC from the Buckler and CML

Ungoliant: Work on AMF more than AS (i would suggest either a 2/3, 1/3 or 3/4 1/4 split)
Melkor: DX very simply you need more (I would suggest untraining ST and letting the ToA take care of most (if not all) of your ST needs, then splitting all your xp between HP and DX, raising VA only as needed)

Pluses from this change:
More AMF means less problems from Mages
More DX means less hits from tanks and more hits by Melkor

Not continuing to train AS means DM users will eat more and more into it
low overall natural HP
Initial drop in damage (though this should be offset by the increased number of hits from DX)

LumpBot August 26 2005 11:54 AM EDT

Flat out, you don't have enough HP

AdminShade August 26 2005 12:46 PM EDT

so far Warchild has given me the most information to think of.

Wall will be something I don't want to do, mostly because of the cost of that huge AC the wall needs. Another thing is the Vorpal Blade issue that it won't help against that type of tanks.

Increasing my AMF and keeping AS at a lower level could be a possibility to check.
Changing to a Cornuthaum will most likely be a good change but it costs a lot so I would have to plan this ahead a lot.
Getting DB's would also cost a lot but could also be worth it. Same planning needed.

I won't change to a HoE before the name on my HoD has passed away though.

Hmmm not training any more ST and just keep on training HP and DX then most likely... hmmm

AdminShade August 29 2005 7:40 AM EDT

Trying to revive this thread:

Why should I drop my Buckler? If I equip it it gives my enchanter 18 more AC meaning 3,78% more damage blocking and makes me gain 2k less HP from the AS.

AC without: 88
AC with: 106

% (magic) Damage blocking without: 18.48%
% (magic) Damage blocking with: 22.26%

out of 100k damage I would absorb 18480 damage without the buckler
and with the buckler i would absorb 22260 damage.

that is a 3780 points of damage blocking against 2k HP less gain.

Of course when I would receive 50k damage or less then it would be worth the removing because then I would only block 1890 of damage with it.

hmmm choices...

And now for the stats changes:

I won't untrain my ST as it would make my TG completely useless (for the +ST it would, not for the AC) but capping my ST at 125k for now would be a nice thing and then putting the rest of the experience into DX and HP.

more HP making Melkor live longer
more DX making Melkor deal more damage with the chance at multiple hits.

Less natural ST growth makes TG's a bit less useful, might want to change to EG's

Training more AMF at the cost of training AS:

Less vulnerable against mages, making both minions live longer vs mage based teams.

Less HP gain and making AS more susceptible vs DM.

Overall I think these changes will come out to be positive but more feedback is always welcome.

Part-time Barman August 29 2005 8:42 AM EDT

Have you considered changing your Tulkas for BGs?

The inherent ranged damage increase in BGs may outweigh the small ST boost from the Tulkas.

Also, what about insta up your ToA?
(depending on max tattoo level, of course)

AdminShade August 29 2005 8:56 AM EDT

ToA insta = not done, it's named and it's name is part of my theme.

and Beleg's instead of Tulkas'... hmm hard one but i'd rather have elven gloves than Beleg's i think, also due to AC upgrades.

AdminShade September 2 2005 5:20 AM EDT

Trying to revive this thread again:

With the latest change month changes what would be best now?

ToA gains have been cut down some more so would it still be wise to train more DX at the cost of ST?

[T]Vestax September 2 2005 6:05 AM EDT

Well, changes were made across the board against all ToA's, so unless your afraid non-ToA tanks will catch up, you won't need to make any changes.
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