BA buying idea (every1 check it out!) (in General)

[SoV] Shiv [/me Forge Stuff :D] August 28 2005 2:16 AM EDT

i was just thinking...wouldn't it be cool if we could get a discount buying BAs?... like the discount % can be derived from the bonuses your clan has earned.

ie. if its costs $300/ba and your clan gets a 10% bonus, use the same 10% as a discount when buying BA. so $300 x 10% = a $30 dollars savings therefore the BA is actually $270!

yay and/or flame. feedback is more than welcomed.

Xiaz on Hiatus August 28 2005 2:22 AM EDT

It'd encourage people to buy BA and fight, but why should clanner be given this advantage?
How about Eco. clans?
Might be more trouble than it's worth because the bonus does change hourly, or pretty often... /shrug

Stephen August 28 2005 7:29 AM EDT

You've already had a bonus by earning more money to buy things with. Why get another bonus for buying a specific thing.

AdminShade August 28 2005 7:47 AM EDT

no balance...

Jerk August 28 2005 8:15 AM EDT

Well what about a inflation depending on your clan bonus so instead of 300/ba normally if your in a clan with a 10% bonus then the BA would then cost 330??? That might help to even the playing field a bit since there was already the change of cost of BA for NUB users.

Inferno August 28 2005 9:28 AM EDT

But then people wouldn't buy BA untill they have a good clan bonus.

Relic August 28 2005 10:04 AM EDT

BA is expensive enough already, let's not make it more so.

Jerk August 28 2005 12:17 PM EDT

Well my point is the higher your clan bonus is then the higher your rewards so why not making the players with higher bonus pay a higher % for the chance to enjoy that bonus just like the NUB have to pay higher costs in order to wreak the rewards of their NUB.

Duke August 30 2005 12:03 AM EDT

hmm not a bad idea Rajin
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