Clan Supreme contest tracking thread (in Public Record)

Quark August 28 2005 11:16 AM EDT

For clan info only. Historically Jordan-mission won the first two weeks contest (180k pot week 1 and 200k pot week 2). Week 3 no contest, just 50k paid to clanners with 20k+ for the week. Scores for week 3:

Glory 24,310
Jordan-mission 23,449
MegamanV 18,038
G Maximus 17,605
Biscuitback 15,983

G Maximus (Maranello) Jordan-mission (Million) $50000 -- Clan 20k+ bounty 11:15 AM EDT
G Maximus (Maranello) Glory (The Minotaur) $50000 -- Clan 20k+ bounty 11:15 AM EDT

New contest:

Same 20k per clanner weekly fee, same winning conditions - top score for the week. New wrinkle - last week's winner cannot win the current week's prize. As before, my char "Clan weekly prize" holds the 20k ante and I cover xfer fees.

Relic August 28 2005 11:20 AM EDT

Glory (The Minotaur) G Maximus (Clan weekly prize) $20000 11:18 AM EDT

WeaponX August 28 2005 11:25 AM EDT

MegamanV (Storage locker) G Maximus (Clan weekly prize) $20000 11:22 AM

Quark August 28 2005 11:28 AM EDT

And FYI since intra-character xfers aren't visible, I put 100k into this week's pot.

Biscuitback August 28 2005 12:02 PM EDT

Biscuitback (Biscuitback) G Maximus (Clan weekly prize) $20000 12:02 PM EDT

wow.. i looked pretty bad on there.

Jordan23 August 28 2005 2:56 PM EDT

Jordan-mission (Million) G Maximus (Clan weekly prize) $20000 2:55 PM EDT

Good luck Bodies ;-)

Quark August 29 2005 11:29 AM EDT

Since it's not obvious, since last week had a bounty only and no contest, there's no "winner" for last week - this week anyone can win.

Quark August 30 2005 10:17 AM EDT

Due to some unexpected changes in clan participants this week, contest has been suspended for the week. Refunds sent.

G Maximus (Clan weekly prize) Glory (The Minotaur) $20000 -- Contest ante refund 10:16 AM EDT
G Maximus (Clan weekly prize) Jordan-mission (Million) $20000 -- Contest ante refund 10:16 AM EDT
G Maximus (Clan weekly prize) MegamanV (TheElvenRanger) $20000 -- Contest ante refund 10:16 AM EDT
G Maximus (Clan weekly prize) Biscuitback (Biscuitback) $20000 -- Contest ante refund 10:16 AM EDT

Quark August 30 2005 2:36 PM EDT

Given the clan turnover, no contest this week. Therefore the "clan bounty" has been reinstated for this week. I send 50k to anyone who breaks 20k points for the week. Should be doable for the new entrants if they want to prove how hot they are!

Quark September 4 2005 11:30 AM EDT

Clan bounties - only one is kitty (Jordan left the clan)

Jordan23 24,779
Ilovehellokitty 20,554
Biscuitback 18,861
MegamanV 18,790
G Maximus 18,631
Verifex 10,530

G Maximus (Maranello) Ilovehellokitty (I Love You) $50000 -- Clan 20k+ bounty 11:29 AM EDT

Contest back on for the week assuming we can get full participation - 20k ante, highest score next Sunday wins. I've seeded the pot with 100k. Funds to "Clan weekly prize"

Ilovehellokitty September 4 2005 12:14 PM EDT

I am cute, sexy and dangerous

Biscuitback September 4 2005 12:47 PM EDT

i sent the 20k... it'll be mine this time :)

i almost made 20k this week? verifax... where are you? j/k

Ilovehellokitty September 6 2005 10:58 AM EDT

i sent 20k sorry i will be mine ...ALL mine :) just joking

Quark September 11 2005 10:53 AM EDT

Good job to kitty on the clan contest. 20k ante again this week, I've got 100k to seed the pot, and kitty is ineligible to win this week - game on!

Ilovehellokitty 24,136
G Maximus 17,031
MegamanV 16,968
Biscuitback 16,137
Verifex 11,432
Roya 10,985

G Maximus (Clan weekly prize) Ilovehellokitty (I Love You) $180000 -- Clan weekly prize 10:53 AM EDT

Ilovehellokitty September 11 2005 11:20 AM EDT

hix hix...but i want to do contest...(feelin' left out)

Biscuitback September 11 2005 12:33 PM EDT

wtg kitty... going to send money now g-max

Biscuitback September 11 2005 12:35 PM EDT

Biscuitback (The Beginning) G Maximus (Clan weekly prize) $20000 12:34 PM EDT

for the next winner

Quark September 18 2005 10:52 AM EDT

Mega is this week's winner

Ilovehellokitty 23,404
MegamanV 22,205
G Maximus 18,012
Biscuitback 16,285
Verifex 13,985

G Maximus (Clan weekly prize) MegamanV (TheElvenRanger) $180000 -- Clan prize 10:51 AM EDT

Usual rules - Mega can't win this week, 20k ante to "Clan weekly prize", I've seeded the pot with 100k. And everyone needs to ante in just in case there are any doubts.

WeaponX September 18 2005 10:56 AM EDT

MegamanV (TheElvenRanger) G Maximus (Clan weekly prize) $20000 10:55 AM EDT

goodluck this week fellas

{CB1ate}aupStar September 18 2005 9:45 PM EDT

Sent 20k to megaman for winning this week...=)

Ilovehellokitty September 19 2005 10:48 PM EDT

sent 20k to Gmaxim for entry fee. apstar you should have sent to Maximus instead lol

Quark September 26 2005 2:12 AM EDT

THis week's scores:

MegamanV 22,436 \
Ilovehellokitty 22,416
G 17,455
Biscuitback 14,341
aupStar 11,558

As per rules kitty wins and can't win next week. My 100k is in the pot, 20k ante.

G (Clan weekly prize) Ilovehellokitty (I Love You) $180000 -- Clan prize 2:11 AM EDT

Ilovehellokitty September 26 2005 2:13 AM EDT

YaY *(^.^)*

{EQ}Viperboy September 27 2005 12:47 AM EDT

looking at this makes me want to start my own contest...

Biscuitback September 27 2005 1:13 AM EDT

congrats kitty

Biscuitback (Biscuitback) G (Clan weekly prize) $20000 -- clan weekly prize :) 1:12 AM EDT

here's for the next winner

{CB1ate}aupStar September 27 2005 11:15 AM EDT

Kaaaaaaaaahmoooooooooooooooooooooh 20k sent for the next weener...=p btw, congrats kitty...^_^ i'll beat you one day...;) mwahahahahah

Quark September 28 2005 11:16 AM EDT

Eh? No weeners here - we're all winners!
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