I got a strategy question (in General)

Untouchable September 1 2005 9:23 PM EDT

why does having Dispel Magic "help" a fire familier? I want to have a Ablivitave Shield,HP/Fire ball mage, and a fire familier strat, but im not sure because....people say without Dispel Magic it wont be a good strategy, someone please help me! :(

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 1 2005 9:27 PM EDT

Wiki on EO spells DM reduces your opponents HP if they use AS, or lowers the amount of GA they have. Both very useful to FB teams.

TheEverblacksky September 1 2005 9:49 PM EDT

basically AS lets you live longer (at risk of being "DMed") and DM lets you kill faster (you kill others AS, GA and all kinds of goodies). Being a FB mage and having a FF you generally want to kill before melee so the splash doesn't rock you so DM is the better option USUALLY.

[T]Vestax September 1 2005 9:49 PM EDT

Here is the basic reasoning I have come to. FB is most powerful against smaller teams. As you face teams with more minions your FB gets stretched out and weakened. DM on the other hand gets stronger as teams get larger since larger teams almost always have enchantments, but those enchantments are often weaker due to xp dilution. Plus only multiple minion teams can have multiple defensive enchantments, which is when you really start to get good bang for you buck on DM. Hence as one gets weaker the other gets stronger and helps keep you balanced.

The other reasons is that a lot of the defensive enchantments used are meant to help teams live longer and not to kill faster. FB however is meant to kill fast and you usually want to avoid getting into melee as much possible. Since DM cuts defense, it helps make your objective as a FB mage a reality.

Chocolate Thunder September 1 2005 10:36 PM EDT

If you intend on killing anyone with your Fire Familiar you need DM. Mostly because GA will crush your zero AC minion otherwise (the removal of AS is secondary but still quite nice). You'll also need boatloads of your own AS to compensate for the AMF damage you will be taking.
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