Enchant Offense Spells

  1. Dispel Magic (DM)
  2. Antimagic Field (AMF)
  3. Ethereal Chains (EC)

Magic penalties given by items have 3/4 effect on Enchant Offense Spells.

Dispel Magic (DM)

1. Dispel Magic reduces (or even eliminates) the level of enchantments cast upon your opponent's minions like the following Enchant Defense Spells:

2. Dispel Magic reduces (or even eliminates) friendly casted Enchant Offense Spells:

  • DM trains an effect that is 80% of its level. If the effect of DM is high enough compared to that of a given enchantment, that enchantment will "fizzle" (i.e. be reduced to 0 effect).
  • You can have both Antimagic Field and DM, so long as your Antimagic Field is significantly higher - this is because DM will reduce your AMF and EC level by an amount equivalent to its effect. Enchantment level - (DM level * 80%) = new enchantment level. That then converts into a new, lower effect. If it's zero or below, it will fizzle.
  • There is one exception to the rule that you cannot have DM and AMF/EC on the same character. The Rune of Solitude allows you to use both DM and AMF/EC on the same character provided the DM is less than the protection on the RoS. Which currently is 40% of the RoS level.
  • Dispel Magic is the only spell that stacks linearly meaning; if you have multiple minions casting Dispel Magic, all of the effects are stacked and not the levels. For instance if you have three minions casting each for 100,000, the final DM effect will be 300,000.

Antimagic Field (AMF)

  • AMF redirects a percentage of opponents' Direct Damage Spells(DD) back to the casting minion or familiar.
  • The AMF % is the ratio of AMF level to opponent DD level (not opponent DD effect). The AMF % will differ from opponent to opponent.
  • When trained equivalent to the opponent's DD level, AMF is at 50%. At approximately 100x the opponent's DD level, it is at 100%, completely nullifying their damage.
  • Antimagic Field is the only thing capable of guarding you against Decay.
  • The AMF % effect shown before the battle can be calculated as follows:
          Calculate the ratio (AMF level/DD level), after all bonuses/penalties; call this X.
          If X<1 (that is, AMF weaker than DD) then effect is X^(0.7)/2
          If X>1 (AMF stronger than DD) effect is 1 - 1/(2X)

When used versus FB, MM, SG or CoC, the amount of retaliation damage AMF inflicts is:

   0.4 * max spell effect (not spell level) * AMF % at the start of the battle

This damage is fixed. During ranged rounds, it suffers the same 58%/55%/52%/49%/46% for rounds 1/2/3/4/5 penalty that afflicts normal DD. During melee rounds, the backlash damage is the same with every casting. When used versus Decay, the damage inflicted follows a different mechanism: it is based upon the AMF % multiplied by 1/2 of the opponent's Hit Points at the time of casting.

To obtain exact results that account for rounding, do the following
(Effect)*(AMF%)*(0.4) = Max AMF Damage. Round any fractional part up to the next whole number. Multiply this by 0.3 for round one, 0.2 for round two, and 0.1 for round three, and round any fractional part of these numbers up to the next whole number. Subtract this from the rounded maximum amf damage, and you will have the exact damage applied in each fighting round after mathematical rounding takes place.

The AMF damage reflected back on the caster can be reduced if the caster is wearing a Rune of Balrog Flame (RoBF). This reduction is 20 to 30% the backlash damage received. The RoBF will reduce the AMF backlash taken by the minion with it equipped.

Noldorin Spellcasters (NSs), a supporter item, will reduce the effect of AMF by 1% per + on them. For example, +10 NSs will reduce a 0.25 effect AMF to 0.15, thereby reducing both the damage reduction and backlash of AMF. NSs only work on the minion they are equipped.

Ethereal Chains (EC)

  • Used to weaken an opponents Dexterity (DX) and Strength (ST) equally.
  • The effect depends on the experience trained in the spell. The higher it's level the higher the effect.
  • Helps you avoid hits (the DX draining part) and make your opponent do less physical damage (the ST draining part).
  • Its effect is equal to 20 + half of the level. E.g. an EC of 100,000 would drain approximately 50,020 DX and 50,020 ST.

With the introduction of Encumbrance, EC has a wider effect on both Tanks and Mages. Evasion, DX, ST, AC and DD damage are directly affected by encumbrance and, as EC affects ST, it manipulates encumbrance to affect a heavily armored tank, wall or mage.

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