Is cb2 falling apart? (in General)

Grim Reaper September 3 2005 9:34 PM EDT

This is sort of a poll/discussion.

I noticed many players that had high characters since January have recently quit cb and many new players don't seem to stay long either.

AdminShade September 3 2005 9:36 PM EDT

Real Life circumstances can never be failsafe, people always come and go, though most people stay quite a while.

Xiaz on Hiatus September 3 2005 9:36 PM EDT

It's a cycle really, happened on CB1, and I guess it's happening here too. Sad in many ways, but we'll keep on trucking along.

csraven September 3 2005 9:58 PM EDT

I could give you a really long definition of why most people are leaving... or i could give you an even longer definition of why i think its falling apart... but then again, almost everyone in CB could... but why waste time posting about it... just enjoy CB while its still around

Undertow September 4 2005 3:50 AM EDT

Also, it's august, september. LOTS of people leave CB for school. And with darn good reason. Smart, them people are.

Stephen Young September 4 2005 11:18 AM EDT

I love it when people leave. Well, I hate to see some people go, but it gives me hope that my super slow BA usage will one day pay off.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 4 2005 2:01 PM EDT

Bar my clan, there's no reason for me to fight any more.

Sure, there's always camping or forging, but I find those incredibly dull.

csraven September 4 2005 2:57 PM EDT

i agree... and im part of an econ clan... camping and forging take a long time to get anything "good" done... and whats the result money to spendd on more camping and forging... there has to be a bigger goal than just, reaching the highest PR/MPR... or having the most money...

RedWolf September 4 2005 6:01 PM EDT

I know I'm staying quite a while, at least to see my 2 year birthday. Yes, I have school, but that doesn't mean I'm leaving forever >_<

RedWolf September 4 2005 6:03 PM EDT

...unless you mean quit fighting. In that case I quit quite a while ago; strat and stuff just got too confusing and hard to manage :-S

sorry for double post
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