Elven gear. . .and elves in general (in General)

! Love Barney September 3 2005 9:46 PM EDT

Elf- n. plu. elves
A small, often mischievous creature considered to have magical powers.

Couple questions. . .
Does wearing elven gear make your minion shorter/smaller or is it is just one size fits all?

Since an elf is believed to have magical powers, doesn't that mean an elf is a mage and not a tank? hmm.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] September 3 2005 9:48 PM EDT

Dont know where you got that definition elves, but if you have ever seen Elves in movies like "Lord of the Rings" They really aren't too short, I believe those are the "elves" Jon had in mind ;-P

! Love Barney September 3 2005 9:51 PM EDT

Are you saying that there are different races of elves?
I like the way you think.

/me wants to buy a small elf

! Love Barney September 3 2005 9:54 PM EDT

Definition from dictionary #2
Elf- imaginary small being with magic powers

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] September 3 2005 9:56 PM EDT

Santa has some for sale, last I heard ;)

{CB1}Bio September 3 2005 10:05 PM EDT

so does that mean that our guys make presents for us? Awesome...maybe now the economy will go up for elven stuff :-p

Grim Reaper September 3 2005 10:32 PM EDT

There are elfs and there are elves.

Elfs are small
Elves are really just normal sized humans with long ears that umm just think of them as perfect humans :) They are very skilled with bows.

! Love Barney September 3 2005 10:38 PM EDT

plural for elf is elves. . ."elfs" dont exist, thats just a misspelled form of elves.

! Love Barney September 3 2005 10:44 PM EDT

"Santa has some for sale, last I heard ;) "

Those elves are oppressed. I think I will pass.

Phaete September 3 2005 10:48 PM EDT

I like Terry Pratchett's definition of elves, aka Faerie Trash :P

Ever wonder what those magic circles of stones in the English countryside are for? They're to keep the elves out. Elves are nasty (besides being brutish and short). They're vicious. They love cruelty. Plus, to make things worse, elves have got It. Glamour. Style.

! Love Barney September 3 2005 10:51 PM EDT

what im trying to say is that an elf should be more of a mage not tank and that it would make sense if elven gear helped mages out.

Xiaz on Hiatus September 3 2005 10:59 PM EDT

Taken from the Baldur's Gate 2 Game Manual:

Elves tend to be shorter and slimmer than normal humans. Their features are finely chiselled and delicate, and they speak in melodic tones. Elves are looked upon as being frivolous and aloof. Elves have a natural resistance to charm and sleep magic. They can see in the dark with infravision and they are very skilled in the use of the bow and long sword. They have a bonus to their Dexterity, but incur a penalty to their Constitution.

There you go, skilled with the bow and long sword and since they're supposedly have a bonus to DX, then they gear is mostly to give a bonus also. :)

maulaxe September 4 2005 1:48 AM EDT

are you saying that elven gear gives a dex bonus becasue it has elf qualities, sorta like an "elf-aura"? elves wore it for an extended period of time, and it imbued the armor with magic?

I thought that the washer and dryer would take care of the elfy-smell...

Urizen September 4 2005 1:57 AM EDT

Elven gear is a big PLUS without MINUS. You want to make the most out of gear that adds xp two your characters. Dex is a good place to start, but only those of us who have balance.

Dragon Slayer September 4 2005 2:28 AM EDT

"Elven gear is a big PLUS without MINUS."
id have to disagree seeing as how none of the elven pieces have particularly high AC

[Redneck RV] Truc September 4 2005 3:29 AM EDT

I would think that a short and slender being with high dexterity would be hard to hit.

Therefore, the Dex bonus at the cost of high AC makes perfect sense to me.

Perhaps "Elven gear is a Dex/AC tradeoff " would be the truest statement.

Undertow September 4 2005 3:33 AM EDT

Go do a google image search on "elves."

Case closed, seems most of the internet disagrees with your dictionary(ies).

Dragon Slayer September 4 2005 3:33 AM EDT

i can agree with that truc

AdminShade September 4 2005 8:35 AM EDT

First of all, if you know that the stories of J.R.R. Tolkien are the base of all fantasy since that time you can imagine that many people have made many different creatures.

The elves were original tall slender fast moving beings with a love for nature, but there were many different sub races of Elves just as there are of humans.

Elves have become so widely used as a race for games and stories that some of them depict them as small creatures and sometimes even evil creatures (Drow Elves for example, evil elves that shun the light)

The Elven Items from Carnage Blender have always given a bonus to dexterity, making the wearer as fast as an elf (or at least with that thought). The weapons have always been powerful and in a way also used the dexterity as a bonus, low cost for + enchantments making them strike more often.

Elven armor never used to have high Armor Class, in CB terms a higher cost for Enchantment upgrades. So in a way it was a trade off between 'human armor' with high AC or 'elven armor' with DX bonuses and less high AC.

The latest CB2 changes however haven't changed too much about this but the items now need to be upgraded more to give a better DX bonus. In other words, making your armor protect you more also makes it more comfortable to wear and also making you faster in your actions against enemies.

The CB2 armor is at a one size fits all since even a puny spider can wear it as well as the biggest creature or even a house :P

QBOddBird September 4 2005 9:48 AM EDT

I'm currently picturing a teenage elf with acne blotches and messy hair, stumbling around tripping over everything.

Now I'm picturing him meeting a dwarven girl.

They live happily ever after and have terrifying looking babies.

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