Tats, Familiars, and Runes (in General)

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 4 2005 1:18 PM EDT

So far the items we have been given for the "not body armor and cloak" slot ranged from vastly powerful to incredably mediocre. The following is a small list of suggestions for rounding out and fixing some of the percieved problems we have had.

Tats - Augment and Enhance a Team or a single minion (ToJ is regarded as a Familiar, and in my stupid opinion should be renamed "Earth Familiar")
I have seen a lot of discussion of how these tats effect your PR vrs. how a minion type item does. Is it possible that the XP (or NW in the case of the PTH of the ToA) required to replicate these effects could be used in place of tat lvl?

Familars - Add a minion to an existing team
Make the PR added by the tat equal to the amount needed to actually have a minon of that level. I would also like to ask folks if they think the HP/DD ratio of the steel and CoC familars might need adjusting to help them live long enough to
take out the amazing power of the FF.

Runes - I love the runes, great idea, lousy implementation. As I see it they should be upgradeable items without any lvl. Switch to a + based system instead and have multipule runes equippable with other runes Tats and Familars. So far the runes have been weak enough this is more than feasable.

RoE - instead of a flat 2/3 of the XP of a tat given, make it a percentage based on + with a serious cost for getting to +10 (the max allowable). Even with 4 of them you could only match the XP gained from having a tat, equipping 3 of them with a tat would produce some silly results, but even that could be figured out (make the extra XP cap at 40% no matter how many items you have vieing for it).

RoS - again a +1-+10 scale with a high cost for +10, blocks 10% of DM per + (or another slightly more sensible scale, say blocking 10k dm per + without a cap)

Rune of Freedom - same as RoS but for EC

Rune of Power - same as RoS but for AMF

Not that I expect these ideas to be useful or even well recieved, but I spent a bit of time before falling asleep thinking about them...

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 4 2005 1:59 PM EDT


I think there should be more of a distinction between Tattoos and Runes.

Grim Reaper September 4 2005 5:22 PM EDT

There is no hp/dd ratio. The hp is a bonus on top of 100% of the tattoo level being the level of dd, or in case of coc the dmg :). That hp bonus is 25% of level of tattoo.

empty orchestra September 4 2005 5:26 PM EDT

isn't it 20%?

Grim Reaper September 4 2005 5:31 PM EDT

I done the math and came out to be 25

Grim Reaper September 4 2005 5:36 PM EDT

Since maybe you want proof: here it is:
This test was done against low character that can't harm my tattoo
Soldier cast Ablative Shield on all friendly Minions (83031)
Soldier's familiar HP: 140,061

140061-83031= 57030

my tattoo right now is bigger than my max tattoo so the tattoo is stuck at the max tattoo level which means:

Max tattoo: 228,120

57030 x 4 = 228120

57030 is 25% of 228120 level tattoo.

AdminShade September 4 2005 5:38 PM EDT

lvl 20 familiar has 5 life, so it is 25% indeed (think they got buffed a bit...

Grim Reaper September 4 2005 5:43 PM EDT

I made a change in wiki about ice, I'm not sure about the rest but I think they all are 25 except for the toj.
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