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Fuhgawz September 5 2005 5:47 AM EDT

Finally after being married for 1 and a half years my wife has finally decided to try and play cb! She knows about xfering items and all that stuff. (Honestly I dont see her playing long)

AdminG Beee September 5 2005 6:12 AM EDT

1 and a half years - that pretty good Fug. My wife got fed up of me and started looking for distractions long before 18 months ;)

Fuhgawz September 5 2005 6:15 AM EDT

Lol well she has asked time and time again why i play it and i always told her to try it and see so finally she said ok

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 5 2005 6:28 AM EDT

What's her name, so I can CM her and say "Hi Fuh's wife!" :)

I don't think mine will ever play... She sit's looking over my sholder muttering something about "that silly game again..."


Part-time Barman September 5 2005 6:29 AM EDT

Mine tried it, got hacked off about being crap at camping, and gave up.
She's not really the violent type though ;o)

AdminShade September 5 2005 10:22 AM EDT

let her make a welcoming post so we can welcome her better in the community...

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] September 5 2005 10:51 AM EDT

I tried to get my ex gf to play and she kept telling me how silly it was even after she tried it although I never got round to showing her what to do ;P.

Fuhgawz September 5 2005 3:29 PM EDT

GL she is going by vegankjh, she is tending to our son so when she gets back on ill have her post

wldflr September 5 2005 3:32 PM EDT

I'm so glad to see another addict's wife join! Welcome Fuh's wife!

RAMPAGE September 5 2005 3:43 PM EDT

Be careful Got my wife to join now she kicks butt forging over on CB1.(last time I looked she was 4th highest for the year)
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