Bot Check Hall of Fame (in Contests)

Unica September 8 2005 4:05 PM EDT

Very or link to an image of a profound, enlightening, or hilarious bot check that you have collected....winner gets 50k

bartjan September 8 2005 4:39 PM EDT

Just hit reload to increase profoundness. 279 botchecks. Most of them are profound, enlightening, hilarious or all of the above.

AdminShade September 8 2005 4:42 PM EDT

and most of them have been from my collection :)

AdminG Beee September 8 2005 4:44 PM EDT

So Jon Image Hosted by ImageShack.using

and half of CB say he was Image Hosted by

and the other half say Image Hosted by

Special J September 8 2005 4:50 PM EDT

GB wins.

IndependenZ September 8 2005 4:55 PM EDT

I love this one! It just has to be from Shade's collection:

I think only the Dutchies around here will get it though. It actually means Beer//Belly =D

Unica September 8 2005 4:57 PM EDT

Wonderful submissions, keep them coming...creativity is welcome. Will pick my favorite tomorrow.

AdminG Beee September 8 2005 4:57 PM EDT

All the "bier" ones are great, but you know if you drink 15 pints of the stuff you are guaranteed to
Image Hosted by

IndependenZ September 8 2005 5:20 PM EDT

Since my former entry isn't really *my* botcheck, here's my very own one:

is a , which means she usually isn't very happy.
But now that she has discovered I'm such a ,
she has become an even more ! :(

Maelstrom September 8 2005 6:33 PM EDT

(This turned out something like Burroughs' cut-up poetry, but... oh well.)

The gave me an
then told me to and ,
but I had a thing for the 's
and .

To impress that , I wanted the
to catch me a , but we had trouble with the stupid
who items by cheating. I told everyone " him?",
so Jon put a stop to it with the great .
That's the way the ...

Disappointed, I went to the with a .
We sang an , then decided we'd go to the zoo to .
Instead we just laughed at the .

Walking home, we talked about how that will be ,
and the about the .

Special J September 8 2005 7:36 PM EDT

GB now loses and Mael is now the winner.

Special J September 8 2005 10:27 PM EDT

I emailed one I got tonight to Shade, he can use it if he wishes ;)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 9 2005 3:16 AM EDT

I've got this saved, just have to figure out how to post it...

Tugs // Vein


AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 9 2005 3:18 AM EDT

Also had Jig // Envy


Got more saved at home.

AdminG Beee September 9 2005 9:21 AM EDT

at the other who is trying to win this .
Unlike a previous contest that I'm not going to do this in rap style, I'm more of a with a who likes a rather than a . All those male gangsta rappers with their and just make we wanna . No wonder some women want to who act like with jewellery and the attitude of a .

I've and and now I that gives the people in power when their . We're only , it's time to get the because no in war and all we do is leave a big on mother nature.

I live in the UK, some call it the land of the and many people were glad to get an when the food went bad. I went to live in France (the home of fine cuisine) but I saw a that offered and as choice of the day another even offered . The French are weird, and my when I realised they even .

That's me done, I need a drink. I'm off to find the

AdminShade September 9 2005 9:28 AM EDT

woot @ G_Beee, alas some of the bot checks don't load too fast / properly...

(Image shack isn't the best place to put images up)

Unica September 10 2005 2:26 PM EDT

G_Beee won......sending $
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