Buy Now for Auctioneer (in General)

Barron [CB2BANK Investors Club] September 9 2005 1:57 PM EDT

I think the Auctioneer should have a buy now price that is the same as the highest bid that was placed for the same base item within the last 2 months.

First, this rewards those who've saved the money and caught the auction at the right time. It's almost like camping, but the downside is that the buyer pays highest price recorded for the last 2 months.

Second, if you're looking and waiting for that item to pop, you have a chance at snagging it--if you have the cash. Again, it gives the sense of camping and getting rewarded for your diligence.

Thirdly, of, course if you don't have the cash, you can just bid on the item, secure a loan and then try to win it.

Grim Reaper September 9 2005 2:02 PM EDT

this will cause all campers making profits yet again because they would be doing buy now and selling for a higher price.

Barron [CB2BANK Investors Club] September 9 2005 2:05 PM EDT

Tormentor, you do have a point there, even though it's set at the highest bid. Maybe it should be 50% higher than the highest bid--or something like that. Or maybe I should have just left this idea in the retarded ideas post where I first put it :)

maulaxe September 9 2005 2:08 PM EDT

putting a buy now on the auctioneer items would be taking the highest bid on UPGRADED items as well... unless you took only the highest bid on "auctioneer" items for the last two months. But if you did take only the spawned auctions's outcomes for the past two months, the price could NEVER go up, because the buy now would at most, be able to stay where it was - but never increase.

so you have the option of paying the same price as that + bajillion one went for last month, of of making auctions exactly the same as camping, except without bot-checks.

Myonax September 9 2005 2:11 PM EDT

The highest point would be set now and never again be revisited for all time because the buy now would always be the highest price... Most of the auctions are short anyway, no buy now needed.

[T]Vestax September 9 2005 3:10 PM EDT

It's impossible to determine actual market value for an item since the market is always changing. Particularly in a game that has a change month every other month. It's no wonder your method has flaws. Jon realizes that ANY method would have flaws and honestly the auctions ought to go without a buy now no matter what you may think.

AdminShade September 9 2005 3:13 PM EDT

If camper A would do the buy now and re auction it with a higher buy now...

then wouldnt the system just pick the new buy now that player B paid when the system puts the item in auction for player/camper C ??? (in effect raising that buy now)???

chappy [Soup Ream] September 9 2005 3:15 PM EDT

Instead of a buy now maybe they could have a variable auction length. For example a CORN could spawn in the auctions with only 2 hours until it ends instead of the 24 hours or so that they give now. Just a thought...

Grim Reaper September 9 2005 3:25 PM EDT

I can't see the point of black market anymore except for having certain people be able to bid in it.

Barron [CB2BANK Investors Club] September 9 2005 3:46 PM EDT

To me, buy now always meant that you wanted the item so badly that you are willing to pay more fo it. So, if you took the highest price of an auction item and increased it by 20% and made it a buy now price, then the next time the same item came up the new buy now price would be 20% higher than the previous one. That's one way it could work.

Undertow September 9 2005 3:55 PM EDT

It would be easy to limit why buy nows the auctioneer used to SET his buy nows.

He'd only use his own, from base items.

I like this idea. If you are willing to spend 3X somethings worth to get it, your gonna win the auction in the end anyway.

Myonax September 9 2005 5:13 PM EDT

Again Barron... Using your system, the Buy Now would get set once and never revisited... Not a good thing in an economy. The auction now aren't monsterous 7 day auctions like the Black Market, all are relatively short.

Barron [CB2BANK Investors Club] September 9 2005 6:04 PM EDT

Myonax, I guess I'm not making myself clear. No, the buy now price would be very variable. I'll give an example. Lets say the buy now price is based on the highest BIN for the last 2 weeks. At at ground zero, or first day, a Corn is place on the market. Based on the previous 2 weeks the highest bid for a Corn was 3 mil (this is an example, and not actual for current prices). So, the BIN price for the Corn is 3 mil plus 10% (this premium can be any number we pick) = 3.3 mil. Now, 3 days later another Corn comes up in Auctioneer. The BIN for that Corn would be 3.3 mil plus 10% of 3.3 = 3.63 mil. And so on. Now if that buy now price gets too big and no one is interested, it will be bid on and one like a regulat auction. 2 weeks later if a corn comes up the new BIN would be the highest bid during the last 2 weeks plus 10%. It would go up and down with market needs and wants. I hope that's clearer.

TheEverblacksky September 10 2005 3:45 PM EDT

and also..... hello whoever has the most USD
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