BA refresh Question (in General)

Unwanted Memories September 22 2005 11:36 AM EDT

I am under PR 30,000 and my BA refresh rate has dropped to 9/10. Just curious if that is normal or not

AdminShade September 22 2005 11:42 AM EDT

its normal :)

Grim Reaper September 23 2005 12:59 AM EDT

10 ba then 9ba then it turns to 8ba very quickly, then for long time it stays at 8till like 380k mpr now.

I find it odd that the ratio is sort of unbalanced, it goes from 10-9 ba in like the first 20k mpr maybe 30k. Then 9ba goes on for about 40-60k mpr, then 8ba stays around for 300k

QBOddBird September 23 2005 1:04 AM EDT

I'm still at 9 BA, and I'm at MPR somewhere around 110k. A bit off in the calculations, Tormentor.

Grim Reaper September 23 2005 1:08 AM EDT

ok then.

Jerk September 23 2005 1:09 AM EDT

Could the length of getting 10 or 9 or even 8 BA/turn have anything to do with the amount of NUB player has and the amount of time it took for them to gain a % of choosen MPR. For instance if it took a guy 1 month to get to 30k MPR it stays 9 till say 125k MPR but yet if player b reachs 30k MPR in say 4 days then the tiime player b gets 9 BA/turn would be lowered since they are aparently growing alot faster than player A?

Grim Reaper September 23 2005 1:13 AM EDT

ba refresh rate is based on some % of players being in certain groups

Like lets say:

55% are very low characters so they get 10ba,
30% hit semi middle so in that mpr range they get 9ba
10% hit the middle low or high and get 8ba

sort of like that. So it goes by maybe set amount of % and the game looks at all the characters and puts them all into these categories to determine who gets what amount of ba.

Jerk September 23 2005 1:31 AM EDT

o ok gotcha like the number of clans that get a bonus is relative to the number of clans that there is right?

Grim Reaper September 23 2005 4:10 AM EDT


Undertow September 23 2005 4:15 AM EDT

It's based off a percentage of the top chars MPR. So at like X% of his MPR it goes from 10 to 9, then at like 30% or so from 9 to 8, then at like 55% or somethin from 8 to 7.
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