multi maybe? (in Public Record)

Kelelle Son of Jor-El September 23 2005 12:32 AM EDT

i have noticed the same pic for Dead and KOD. not sure if he/she is a supporter, or one of the same but I thought I would point that to you all. just trying to keep my eyes open, and the game fair. thanx!

QBOddBird September 23 2005 12:44 AM EDT

That by itself doesn't mean a thing. IP's are what to look for, and one-sided transfers.

bartjan September 23 2005 1:03 AM EDT

I can't find any accounts with those names. What I can find are 2 characters with those names, indeed having the same portrait. They both are owned by the account Gintax.

! Love Barney September 23 2005 1:21 AM EDT

lol. this is really funny! hahaha

Chargerz-Back September 23 2005 1:24 AM EDT


just look around you will see the humor in this one.

Adrian Exodus September 23 2005 1:27 AM EDT

astral (universe) auctioneer (auctioneer) $2001 (bid 30952) September 3 2005 11:05 PM EDT
killer gurlbanned (Gegamia) kelelle banned (pyrephysis) A Steel Familiar ($30824) August 31 2005 12:49 PM EDT

O_o? ip?

Brick September 23 2005 4:48 AM EDT

......hehahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah..that's the funniest thing ive seen in a week

TrueDevil [AAA] September 23 2005 5:40 AM EDT

There are more and more of these funny topics. Good laugh, I just hope nothing to serious will happen someday.

Grim Reaper September 23 2005 1:11 PM EDT

wow thats helarious thinking kod and dead are accounts.
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