T_T I'm forced to do this... Loan with SLIM Shady (in Public Record)

KittehShinobu September 24 2005 7:11 AM EDT

350k loan with a 50k payment additional to the loan.

AdminShade September 24 2005 7:14 AM EDT

=> Shinobu so you pay back within 2 days?
<Shinobu> =3 I said LESS than 2 days
=> Shinobu and if you can't/don't pay back in that time?
<Shinobu> You don't need to worry,cause it's a guarantee

As an addition, she will pay back within 48 hours / 2 days of the loaning time.

AdminShade September 24 2005 7:15 AM EDT

Shade (Il├║vatar) ---> Shinobu (Naru & Mutsumi) $350000 -- loan 7:14 AM EDT

And for the forced part, I like to have things documented.

KittehShinobu September 24 2005 7:16 AM EDT

=P "LESS" than 2 days you silly baka. *ish forced to do this, feels like she is on a leash* =P Confirmed

AdminShade September 24 2005 7:30 AM EDT

and for the record, I am only forcing her to make a public record of this loan, not the loan itself.

Undertow September 24 2005 9:20 AM EDT

oh dur, get with the program shinobu, public record posts are part of the deal.

AdminShade September 24 2005 3:16 PM EDT

and other people should butt out of public record posts because they have nothing to do with them.

get with the program Undertow...

KittehShinobu September 24 2005 11:53 PM EDT

=P F Y I... I am ONLY kidding ^_^ Ever heard of a joke? 250k paid- 150k left to pay.

KittehShinobu September 25 2005 2:52 AM EDT

=3 50k paid 100k of the loan left

KittehShinobu September 25 2005 8:52 PM EDT

=3 400k fully paid.
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