How about a better tutorial? (in General)

Grim Reaper September 25 2005 2:47 AM EDT

I noticed that many newbies only make more than one account all because they wanted to do some testing and make new characters, but from what I remember about tutorial it never really taught how to do untraining/creating/retiring characters, transfering items.

I think there are many key things that should be shown in tutorial so players would not have to go and make a new account because they havn't learned how to do those little yet important things and then end up resets.

If a better tutorial was in place then there would be less multis and more of true multis who are there to try and get advantage, this would make things easier on administrators so they won't have to clean up accounts because of those players dd not learn about the certain stuff.

Many counterpoints to this would be such as:well there is wiki go read that, or there is faqs and help and ask people in chat.

My answer in advance to your things you would say above would be that the players can easily get frustrated and quit right away because they did not learn how to retire/make new characters/ pull off not being stuck in unable to heal. Some players would ofcourse go and click faq and help and wiki if they knew about that stuff. But others would just finish tutorial and just keep fighting without going into looking at other info. Then they be stuck and make another account because they did not know or think about hitting faqs help wiki links or were shy not to talk to the public.

If Jonathan does not feel like doing all the work of writing extra stuff into the tutorial then let some players or player come up with the info and let Jonathan just copy paste the stuff into the tutorial please. We need more players here to stay. This game is very complex after entering the game and doing tutorial it leaves a player in the dark about what to do. Tutorial needs improvements so players will be able to understand everything and then come into chat and just ask help on what strats to do and not worry about asking how the very simple stuff of transfering,recruiting minions, untraining training combat and making characters/retiring them works.

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] September 25 2005 4:04 AM EDT

Sounds like a good idea to me. Updating the tutorial would be a big plus and probably help CB's growth. I remember being lost and confused at the start with everything CB had to offer.

Another thing, not sure who would be in charge of this, but earlier today I was looking around on one of those listings of MMORPG's, can't remember the one. But it had CB and CB2 on there. The descriptions were out of date, and inaccurate. Why not try to get those updated? Remove CB1 so people aren't confused it doesn't work, and get a little better description of CB2 up.

bartjan September 25 2005 6:07 AM EDT

Just point them to one of the many tutorials/guides listed under Community and the Wiki, telling them those are better...

If they don't pay attention to the Terms of Use page when signing up, who says they will pay attention to any form of tutorial?

Grim Reaper September 25 2005 7:57 AM EDT

From tutorial they will understand that they don't need several accounts. Which is not really addressed in the tutorial so people that sign up play cb do tutorial and then mess up on characters so they go and make another account because they think their account/characters are broken. Most people skip really paying attention to the 1 account per person thing because they signed up to many games and they all say same thing, 1 account per person 1 account per comp 1 account per ip or w/e else there is. And then they come here and think that is not reinforced, so they make many accounts knowing that rule but think no one will catch them.

QBOddBird September 25 2005 8:54 AM EDT

Yay! So we're the slapintheface that brings them back to the reality of crime and punishment!

AdminShade September 25 2005 10:06 AM EDT

Tutorial is only to learn the basics, after that it is up to themselves to find out what truly is possible.

Tutorial's job isn't about learning them not to make a second account and most people already know how to make a new character so that testing thing isn't completely true.

Wonderpuff September 25 2005 12:00 PM EDT

But the tutorial basically leaves you with the impressions that: "Hey... I need to go hire minions now to fill up my team!" When that is usually the worst move possible to start.

Grim Reaper September 25 2005 1:16 PM EDT

last night a newbie made a second account just to test out uc all because he didn't know how to untrain or make a new character on his main account, so clearly there is something wrong about the tutorial if a newbie can't even learn some of the key basic things that should have been there. Either there should be a guide that goes through it all in the tutorial(maybe a link to guide in wiki that explains it all?Have description like click on this link to get more info on the game) Or have the guide be interactive in the tutorial.

Synco September 25 2005 1:31 PM EDT

He should have read the help and FAQs, asked his mentor, or asked in chat.

Pyro September 25 2005 2:56 PM EDT

i think they should teach you how to forge just cause i dont know how :) im not a high enough score i think right now but still i want to know how :-P

QBOddBird September 25 2005 4:04 PM EDT

voila, you can forge.
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