Any chance of getting Combat GI to work with TOA (in General)

Doc [girl power] September 25 2005 2:08 PM EDT

This would make a decent addition to the game. I have found that unarmed is utterly useless unless you have a highly trained ST and DEX


Duke September 26 2005 8:37 AM EDT

Why UC should be at the same level of true weapon again ?

Doc [girl power] September 26 2005 9:02 AM EDT



AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 26 2005 9:15 AM EDT

"I have found that unarmed is utterly useless unless you have a highly trained ST and DEX"

Unfortunatly, it's utterly useless even with decent Str and Dex....

BrandonLP September 26 2005 9:47 AM EDT

GL is exactly right and is the exact reason I'm thinking about finding a new home for Brock.

QBBarzooMonkey September 26 2005 10:05 AM EDT

I just keep holding on in the hopes that in some change month, someday, UC might get some love... :)

sssimmo September 26 2005 11:14 AM EDT

Who cares? K-u-n-g-F-o-o is so pre 1995.

IndependenZ September 26 2005 12:05 PM EDT

I'm still hoping UC will all of a sudden get real good when it gets to (80) or something. ;) ToA on UC-tanks might make the skill a little bit more viable, but I'm afraid it needs more than that. On the other hand, as the name 'Unarmed Combat' already implies, it shouldn't be more powerful than fighting with weapons. Unfortunately. :p

/me is guessing the base damage of UC is somewhere between 30 and 48 ;p

QBRanger September 26 2005 12:08 PM EDT

Well, since noone yet answered the threads main question:

NO, Jon has stated that body armor and cloaks will not work with a tattoo and there is no plans to change it.

BrandonLP September 26 2005 2:32 PM EDT

I've had a UC of 82 before. The difference between than and my current 70 is barely discernable.

csraven September 26 2005 8:22 PM EDT

is UC really that weak? kind of makes me sad considering most of my minions have been based around it... what benifits does it have anyway?

empty orchestra September 26 2005 8:33 PM EDT

the only benefits i can see are that with uc you deal physical damage without a weapon, saving you money. also you get a little evasion bonus to spice things up.

the puny damage it seems to deal really outweighs those benefits though. it's decent if you want a tank-type minion, but don't want to spend the cash i suppose... /me shrugs

IndependenZ September 26 2005 9:03 PM EDT

You also get an evasive bonus in ranged combat.

csraven September 26 2005 9:51 PM EDT

how much (exactly) evasion bonus do you get... and does having a CG boost that effect?

BrandonLP September 26 2005 9:54 PM EDT

CG boost UC which has an inherent amount of Evasion on it. The amount of Evasion isn't nearly what it would be if you trained straight Evasion, but it's not bad.

csraven September 26 2005 9:55 PM EDT

would it be smarter to just take up a sword and re-train UC into evasion straight off?

BrandonLP September 26 2005 10:09 PM EDT

It'd be smarter to just use BL. ;) UC is a poor man's tank. I had kept hopes that one day it would be on par with a normal tank, but with disadvantages in some areas and advantages in others to offset the reduction of equipment costs.
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