2 years and counting (in General)

[EG] Almuric September 26 2005 12:05 PM EDT

Well, I'm a little late: "A member of Carnage Blender since September 18, 2003"

I've never posted about my birthday or anniversary or anything like that. (I did crow about beating Spid once, back when that mattered.) I figure 2 years is a fairly big milestone in this game. (Watch all the old-timers come out of the woodwork and tell me about how they played this game on their Commodore-64s back in the '80s. :) )

I must congratulate Jon on making a game that's kept me interested far longer than almost anything else. I lost interest in Jordan's 'Wheel of Time' a couple of years ago. I still buy them once they go on the discount rack. I figure I'll read them all when he finishes or when I retire, whichever happens first.

Can't think of any computer games that have kept me going this long. I played Doom for a long time, but it wasn't 2 years. There was a pinball game, '8-ball Deluxe', that I played whenever I saw it anywhere.

I'm rambling. Anyway, thanks Jon. Here's to two more years. ;)

WeaponX September 26 2005 12:09 PM EDT


[T]Vestax September 26 2005 12:10 PM EDT

Happy CB B-Day.

QBJohnnywas September 26 2005 12:10 PM EDT


[EG]Stump September 26 2005 12:10 PM EDT

Congrats Almuric. Go [EG]s :)

AdminShade September 26 2005 12:22 PM EDT

happy CB birthday Almuric :)

i hope one day to be as old as you :p

QBSefton [Black Cheetah Bazaar] September 26 2005 12:26 PM EDT

Congrats Almuric!

IndependenZ September 26 2005 12:33 PM EDT

Congratulations, Almuric!

Biscuitback September 26 2005 1:15 PM EDT


and i agree, i'm now over a year, and this is the only game that has my attention for so long... good game.

well congrats again

QBsutekh137 September 26 2005 1:53 PM EDT

Congratulations, man!

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] September 26 2005 2:24 PM EDT

Happy (belated, your fault not mine!) Birthday! :)

{CB1}-Mokaba September 26 2005 2:53 PM EDT


Zoglog[T] [big bucks] September 26 2005 2:55 PM EDT

/me pulls out the party hat for Al then gets another along with his zimmer frame to prepare for his own 3rd CB b'day.

Feel happy that your CB persona is far from the final hurdle.
/me grumbles something about youngsters.
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