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Trillian September 26 2005 3:53 PM EDT

Are there any other 'Firefly' fans that are getting rather excited about the impending release of the film? I'm very envious of the US, I have to wait until October 7th for it to come to England - a whole week more!

For those of you that aren't fans or simply don't know what I'm on about, I strongly recommend going to see this film. It's going to be FANTASTIC! You must all go see it, it needs all the support it can get!

</end fan-girl rant>

LumpBot September 26 2005 3:54 PM EDT

I've seen the series and I thought it was pretty good. I'll be going to the movie on Friday =D

bartjan September 26 2005 4:02 PM EDT

You lucky English. Why not migrate to the Netherlands, where you have to wait until November 17th (yes, this year) to be able to see this movie...

[EG] Almuric September 26 2005 4:09 PM EDT

Hmm. Didn't know Firefly had made it out of the US. And all we get in return is Doctor Who and Red Dwarf. Doesn't seem fair, really.

Trillian September 26 2005 4:11 PM EDT

I am comforted to find other fans here...I really want this film to do big business at the box office! Have you seen the trailers?! I thought the TV series was good but the trailers just left me drooling big time...

AdminShade September 26 2005 4:18 PM EDT

I have heard some very positive sounds from a friend of mine, who attends a private filming education and he can't wait to be able to see it.

Sukotto [lookingglas] September 26 2005 5:40 PM EDT

I think Scott Kurtz said it best.

T-Shirt: 'Joss Whedon is my master now' in Star Wars font
Which you can buy from Thinkgeek

Trillian September 26 2005 5:43 PM EDT

Sukotto, I love you, I'm so getting that tshirt

Trillian September 26 2005 5:53 PM EDT

*curses that website for not accepting English addresses*


Sukotto [lookingglas] September 26 2005 5:55 PM EDT

Isn't it great?

It was inspired by Scott Kurtz's wonderful comic strip

Joss Whedon is my master now

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] September 26 2005 6:01 PM EDT

There is a preview here in Seattle tomorrow, I'm gunna go see it.. I just hope my other friend doesn't cancel on me. :/

AdminShade September 26 2005 6:09 PM EDT

Trillian, have someone else order it for you and send it to you ;)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 26 2005 6:29 PM EDT

I want my own Jane!!

But secretly, I really like the engineer! Much cuter than the companion! ;)

[EG] Almuric September 26 2005 10:16 PM EDT

GL! I'm surprised at you. A married man.

Laura, if you really want the shirt, CM me. I can get it and send it on. I've been selling magic cards, so I'm quite used to sending things all over the world. Babydoll T-shirt?

QBsutekh137 September 27 2005 12:11 AM EDT

Firefly is good, yes...

But if you think Red Dwarf and the new Doctor Who's are not a valid return, then I fear for your taste, good sir!

Yes, Trill, I am looking forward to the movie with great anticipation. Thank you for turning me onto it. *smile*

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 27 2005 2:24 AM EDT

;) Al, I can look, just can't touch!

There's nothing wrong with a bit of window shopping!

Trillian September 27 2005 12:57 PM EDT

Thanks for the offer Almuric, Stump's already offered to do the honours so I've asked him to do it. Fingers crossed it arrives in time for me going to see the film, don't like my chances though!

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 27 2005 2:46 PM EDT

It was a shame and a waste the series was cut short. Everyone watch the movie. If it does well enough, there's the hope the series will continue!


Grim Reaper September 29 2005 6:45 AM EDT

The only reason it was cut off was because it was on Fox. If it was on scifi just like Stargate sg-1 was taken off fox, :) Fox is angry now I think about SG-1 and Atlantis being shown on Scifi with high ratings.

Anyways I didn't know that Serenity was a movie from firefly show.... I could not understand the show with its strange cowboy attitude, I mean 1850's guns in space? How is that realiistic. And the intro music, give me a break. I watched many scifi shows about space and they all beat firefly :)

Too bad Star Trek was cancelled :(

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 29 2005 7:12 AM EDT

You're joking right? It's frontier expansion, set in the edges of space instead of the American West.


Grim Reaper September 29 2005 10:11 AM EDT

GL have you even seen the show?

They had revolvers and people wearing 1800's clothing, I guess that is how the future is, no clothing just ships being built and eveyone getting nuked :(

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 29 2005 10:36 AM EDT

It's a future *without* anti-mater replicators making possessions non existent.

Some people can't afford clothes, high tech weapons or ships.

It's a low tech, frontier, Sci-fi show.

Like the difference between low fantasy and high fantasy. ;)

QBsutekh137 September 29 2005 12:21 PM EDT

I will agree the theme song bothered the Hell out of me. I hate songs that...don't _go_ anywhere. Though maybe that is part of Whedon's mad genius (I believe he wrote the theme...the guy does it all. *smile*)

Other than that, a tight show. Yes, the weapons and clothes vary wildly, from cowboy raiment to men in suits with weird blue gloves. Technology ranging from a camp-fire to small ultra-sonic orbs that can kill a room full of people. I think the disparity is the whole point, especially since the galaxy just got finished with a very bitter civil war. Some have, some have not.

If that seems silly, perhaps you should compare the high-tech labs at Intel against a Bushmen encampment in the Serengeti? Culture/wealth differences aren't just in TV. *smile*

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 29 2005 12:42 PM EDT

Two by Two, hands of (are?) blue.

Mud town!!

Dirty Mudders! ;)

maulaxe September 29 2005 4:48 PM EDT

what is people's advice on seeing the movie without ever having seen the show?

Trillian September 29 2005 5:42 PM EDT

From what I have heard, there is supposed to be a slight recap at the beginning of the film to catch you up on the story so far. The film is made for total Firefly newbs as well as fans of the series.

I think if you're really into character development then you would benefit from seeing the TV series and learning the back story of each crew member. However, if you haven't seen the series then I don't think it will hinder your enjoyment of the film at all - and you'll come out of it with the added treat of being able to go watch 14 episodes of the series for the first time!

Go see the film!

QBsutekh137 October 1 2005 6:15 PM EDT

The recap is brilliant, quick, and only slightly more meaningful for previous watchers. Whedon has always had a knack for writing/editing/continuance, and it shines here.

That's all I am going to say. It is a very tight film. Fun, action, suspense. No more to say than that, because the last thing I am going to do is spoil it for Trill. *smile*

RAMPAGE October 1 2005 6:25 PM EDT

I've have never seen the show but was able to understand what was happening in the movie just fine.
BTW me and Psyche loved the movie and she is bugging me to take her to see it again.

QBsutekh137 October 1 2005 6:40 PM EDT

Excellent! Yeah, I meant to ask for someone's opinion who hadn't seen the TV show...some parts I thought might have moved a tad fast, but I was probably just wanting to feel all l33t when having those thoughts. *smile*

Trillian October 1 2005 6:42 PM EDT

Yay! Glad to hear the positive reports so far! But don't anybody dare post any spoilers in this thread, I will hunt you down and beat you to a pulp if you do so!! Start a new thread with "spoiler" in the title if need be...

And the earliest I will get to see the film is October 12th, despite it's being released in the UK on the 7th. I stupidly booked a flight to Copenhagen so I'll be away opening weekend, and the lame Danes don't release the film till November :(

Long live the Browncoats!

5583 days old {Gaza} October 2 2005 6:17 AM EDT

Serenity is very very good; a must see (so everyone in the g33k club at uni tells me)
There will be a season 2 of Serenity :-)

AdminG Beee October 16 2005 5:58 PM EDT

Never heard of it before Trill bugged me in PM. I went along with wifey tonight to see if it was as good as she said.

It got off to a bad start when I realised it was showing in the end theatre of our local mega complex - it got worse when the movie started and we were there with only about a dozen other folks... "Hmm, this doesn't look promising" said wifey.

That's when the badness stopped and the "wowness" started. Awesome movie and I'm really surprised it's not talked about more here. Perhaps I just move in the wrong circles.

Thanks Trill - You made my Sunday evening :)

BrandonLP October 16 2005 6:05 PM EDT

It was very good, and I'm not a big sci-fi fan. I have to say that the constant humor was a great contrast to the relatively dark matter of the film and was brilliantly written, directed, and acted.

Trillian October 17 2005 12:47 PM EDT

Whoehoe!!! I saw it twice so far, have introduced quite a few people to the current Whedon-verse :D

bartjan November 17 2005 6:38 PM EST

I don't think I'll look that good in that T-shirt, but I now do agree with the text of it ;)

Great movie...

AdminShade November 17 2005 6:45 PM EST

can't say i've seen it, perhaps i will soon though.
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