Old Dog, New Tricks - Untraining (in General)

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] September 26 2005 11:09 PM EDT

Well, just thought I'd bring this up for the non-chat-enabled people. We are almost at the end of the change month, and thought I would throw one more thing out there before it closes up.

Let us untrain our skills without a penalty, at least once a month. Sort of like the black market vote, but monthly. Let us rearrange our skills and see if maybe we need to fix something, but we will lose too much EXP by untraining right now. Maybe even increase the untraining penalty to make this more sought after.

I thought of a untraining token system where you get one each month, and you use them to untrain skills. But ahhh, I dunno, unless only supporters or clan members got them it would be another thing new players could take advantage of, and you know how we feel about that around here. ;)

HunterFrei September 26 2005 11:24 PM EDT

Ever get those feelings where you want to test out a new strategy but can't since you'd lose so much xp? I know I have, and you probably have too.

I think a system like this, with some tweaking of course, could prove beneficial. Among other things, I think it would make the game even more competitive due to ever changing strategies.

I like it. :)

Tenchi Muyo September 26 2005 11:30 PM EDT

I must admit, it would be nice if during change months people would be allowed to adjust their teams to changes without taking penalties (luckily I've never had a reason to...yet).

CoolWater [Superheros] September 26 2005 11:46 PM EDT

I recently just lost 60k off my MM spell (not 60k exp points) for unlearning while trying out different strat. I don't know how much time I need to gain that back.

AdminShade September 27 2005 3:33 PM EDT

Untraining is a choice, it should come with a penalty, but perhaps the penalty is a bit too high atm.

I myself have untrained 1 thing and re trained another but it didn't have much of a downside for me, after all untraining something is a strategy change and should (most likely) help you more than doing bad.

In other words: Untraining shouldn't make you be able to be able to become invincible against an enemy and after retraining something invincible to another enemy...

{CB3}-HR22 September 27 2005 3:35 PM EDT

i lost 30k MPr when i switched from AMF to DM, and it hardly made a difference!
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