Help: Clan admin page bug (in General)

Starseed^Lure September 28 2005 12:21 PM EDT

Every time I try to access my clan admin options I see:

Server Error

The requested URL cannot be accessed due to a system error on this server.

AOLserver/4.0.9b on

Is there something I can do on my side?

AdminShade September 28 2005 12:59 PM EDT

you broke your own clan, j/k :p

AdminShade September 28 2005 1:04 PM EDT

Or I broke it:

Shade -908

but honestly i have no idea and alas cannot help :\

Duke September 28 2005 1:56 PM EDT

Mine work fine.

Sir Leon [Soup Ream] September 28 2005 4:51 PM EDT

yes i have had the same problem and made a similar post.So the problem isnt just with you. clan admin page?

Atmosphere September 28 2005 5:14 PM EDT

Im getting it when I want to enter on " Manage Characters " screen. Whats up man :s

Grim Reaper September 28 2005 6:22 PM EDT

i only got that error when retraining huge exp

chappy [Soup Ream] September 28 2005 6:27 PM EDT

gads ... that's happened to me .. i think my heart skipped a beat lol :P glad that xp didn't go away :P


AdminShade September 28 2005 6:28 PM EDT

works fine here, must be your cookies though...

Starseed^Lure September 28 2005 9:57 PM EDT

I've cleared out all cookies. That is not the problem.

chernobyl September 29 2005 12:13 AM EDT

This happened to me when I founded a clan and csraven put in an application. To correct it, he had to withdraw his application and re-apply. The "manage characters" thing has also happened to me - again, I had to withdraw my current clan application and re-apply to fix it.

AdminShade September 29 2005 5:43 AM EDT

i know of another solution but that would mean closing down the clan entirely
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