question about admin powers (in General)

gooey muppet September 29 2005 3:33 AM EDT

Can admins fine you into negative cash? Or do you just get reset at that point?

I was explaining aspects of the game to my brother and couldn't remember if that was possible.

CoolWater [Superheros] September 29 2005 3:39 AM EDT

I think they will confiscate your gears if you don't have cash. Not too sure though.

InebriatedArsonist September 29 2005 3:40 AM EDT

I'm fairly certain that admins may fine you right into the negatives.

AdminG Beee September 29 2005 5:34 AM EDT

Sometimes when a fine is appropriate but the user has no cash then yes, we will fine a character into negative.
I typically (that means not always) only do this when the user has sufficient NW to sell items and make the money back.

AdminShade September 29 2005 5:37 AM EDT

You shouldn't have to explain the admin part of the game, just tell him that if he fouls up the admins will get him.

Maelstrom September 29 2005 8:34 AM EDT

Big Brother is watching, so you'd better behave. They will catch you!

QBJohnnywas September 29 2005 8:38 AM EDT

I always admired admins neat little utility belts and the ability to wear their underwear outside their tights.

Oh, and their chicken suits.

Arorrr September 29 2005 8:40 AM EDT

LOL @ Jonny

AdminG Beee September 29 2005 9:01 AM EDT

Your typical admin (that's Shade) in a chicken suit wearing a "neat little utility belt" :)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 29 2005 9:23 AM EDT

G_B FTW!!!!

AdminShade September 29 2005 10:22 AM EDT


maulaxe September 29 2005 10:55 AM EDT

I shudder at the mental image of all the admins together in the same room...

Maelstrom September 29 2005 11:07 AM EDT

Admins on watch for multis:

AdminG Beee September 29 2005 11:17 AM EDT

heh, I wouldn't want to fall fowl to one of those admins Maelstrom.
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