Training Suggestion (in General)

[SoM]CupofJoe [Peoples Bank of Carnage] September 29 2005 4:36 PM EDT

I have an idea that I just thought of.

It's possible to train 1/10, 1/3, 1/2. etc.

I think it would be awesome to unlearn with the same options.

So instead of unlearning 100% and only getting back 95% experience
You could unlearn, say, 50% and only lose 50% of that experience.

What do you guys think?

Relic September 29 2005 4:37 PM EDT

This has been brought up many times and never changed. Sorry to rain on your parade but them are the facts. :)

[SoM]CupofJoe [Peoples Bank of Carnage] September 29 2005 4:39 PM EDT

But what do you think of it? I didn't realize that it was brought up before. Why was it a bad idea before?

QBRanger September 29 2005 4:40 PM EDT

Its a great idea but one that likely will not be around for a while. But as the "other" option popped up in the training page, one never knows.

But such partial untraining will help older players/characters with higher level stats/skills/spells more than smaller/newer characters.

So Ill let you come to your conclusions.

Relic September 29 2005 4:40 PM EDT

I think it is a wonderful idea, as did many of the cb2 community. For some reason, Jonathan has chosen not to implement it.

[SoM]CupofJoe [Peoples Bank of Carnage] September 29 2005 4:47 PM EDT


Glory wrote this
That my friend Verifex is the biggest problem with the NUB situation. NUBs can redo their strats many times over while on the way up into the higher echelons. Once there, they can still make more changes because their recovery of lost MPR is easier than a so-called "vet". I believe that anyone using the NUB should get hit as hard relatively as a "vet" when retraining their strat, or lessen the hit to "vet" players and leave the NUBs as they are.

So I think it may be something the vets may need eventually

Grim Reaper September 29 2005 10:58 PM EDT

Leave nub out of this. It got nothing to do with strat changes, players with nub get hit just as hard as vets do, besides that the vets should have changed strats long ago :)

NUB people yes they do catch up twice as fast as vets do but why woudn't they, that is what the NUB is designed to do, to hit the top by the end of nub if player keeps fighting. And dont give me the crap about how nub allows player to gain 15k-20k mpr daily for rest of nub time, the mpr growth is still the same as vets have, just the % applies to the base rewards. So it gets hard after hitting 300k mpr. I should be at like 600k mpr now but instead i am only at 480k. Derek somehow managed to get 600k though in same amount of time, but then again he had bigger bonus and used a roe while i am just using ice tattoo with 4 minion team.

Jerk September 29 2005 11:29 PM EDT

wow can we not start another NUB bashing thread plz.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 30 2005 4:15 AM EDT

Go go Jackie Estacado!
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