Idea: would this work? Sharing a team! (in General)

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] September 30 2005 3:21 AM EDT

So I was thinking. Scary huh? But yeah, I had a major concept hit me. Now, before you go and remind me that account merging and co-op is not allowed-- I KNOW. So just here me out. This is a serious idea.

Tanks need networth to compete. This is a given. And they need a TON of it. The farther we go, the more people realize that it's downright impossible to compete and jump to the top without a NUB, or massive US dollar expenditures. Neither are really possible for more casual players. And not only do they need a massive amount of cash, MPR is just as important. You have to have a well rounded character to be a strong tank, or team in general.

So here's my idea (finally). No merging- but strong cooperation. Through a public record post, two players (or more perhaps) work together to feed a tank team. How this would work is simple. Each player has a mage team as a secondary. And then there is one tank team. When one person has the tank team and fights with it, the other plays with their mage. The tank holder focuses on raising its MPR, the other person focuses on making cash. Both players poor ALL of their cash into the tank. Every month the tank is transferred from one player to the other.

This strategy would have many benefits. You would be able to make a tank theoretically twice as strong as anything you could alone. Twice the cash, twice the glory. Both players would need to be highly active. But both would be able to claim a top contender as their own. You would have to share and be friendly, or things could fall through and someone could be reset for breaking the PR post rules. But I think it could work!

So here is what I would envision the PR contract as being:

1) Both players have a 50% stake in character ________.
2) Player A has use of character ________ for one month, at which time the character is transferred to the Player B(one getting char pays transfer fees). Character stays there one month and switches back and forth. This will continue indefinitely or until one party backs out or sells their stake.
3) Both players must remain active. Less than 10k clan points a week will result in a warning. Two warnings in a month and the character will become property of the other player. First week of each month is exempt because of clan joining time waits. If a player cannot remain active, it is his or her responsibility to transfer the character to the other player for the remainder of the month (sender pays fees). Normal monthly rotation is not affected by this.
4) Both players have a secondary mage team. Base, or near base gear is to be used on this team--- no purchasing rares, with the exclusion of a tattoo to remain competitive. Purchasing of items to boost this secondary team, without a PR agreement by both players, will result in the player losing his or her stake in the character.
5) Both players will spend all money generated on four things:
a) ammo- should not exceed normal, x3+3 in size to keep costs down.
b) BA- person holding the tank team will buy all BA as much as possible.
c) improving the tank's gear. BS only as to avoid extra transfer fees and loss of time due to forging.
d) transfer fees must be saved up by both players for when it is their turn to pay them.
e) Money may be spent on other things if agreed upon in PR post by both players.
f) If either player has rares on other teams, they will be put in rentals or sold for profit for the shared team.
6) No untraining or hiring minions unless both players reach a consensus and a PR post is made. Failure to do so will result in loss of the player's share and / or reset (ie: reset if all minions are fired or equipment sold for USD). Both should strive to be in agreement on which stats to train.
7) Failure to follow any of these rules will result in loss of your share. The loss of your 50% share of the team means you must forgo all rights to the team, regardless of amount put in. You also must pay transfer fees to get the character back to the owner. Failure to abide by this will result in reset if so requested after two weeks of breach of contract.
8) In the result one player wants out, they have several options:
a) sell their 50% of the team to the other owner. Amount will be equal to: ((total NW of team) - (original team NW at time of agreement)) * .70.
b) relinquish all rights to the other player
c) find another player to agree to all terms of the contract and take their place.
d) A holiday will be allowed. A player may request to have several months away from the deal. The other player has temporary ownership and may ignore rules 1, 2, 3, and 4. All rules will again apply once the pre-agreed holiday time persiod has elapsed.
9) Both players may brag about character as being his or her own. The character name must be agreed upon by both, or be composed of both player's names. (ie: Jon-Vayn)

So how does that sound? First off, is it legal? Admins, would this be allowed? I can't think of any reason at all it would not be, but I could have overlooked something.

Second of all, if legal, anyone want in? I am fully prepared to offer up my single tank team, Stalker, to this experiment. You get a 50% stake in him, at no cost. He is my pride and joy, so I expect commitment from you, but I think it could work. If not, well, I hope point 8 was clear.

Does any of that make sense then? And who wants in? Now taking bids on a chance for us to combine our power and become a force to be reckoned with! Let CB2 shake with our footsteps!

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] September 30 2005 3:46 AM EDT

After a little more thinking, and some good feedback from chat, I have a few things I've thought about.

a) transfer fees are what makes this idea hard to do. Thus, raise the time per person from 1 month to 3 or 4 months, negotiable.
b) to help raising costs, the more the merrier! Ideally 4 people all joining to focus on this one character, for 3 months at a time, would be ideal. All would need to agree the order beforehand, and all would need to be active prior to the deal and their time share. But 4 people going to one team character would make this character easily top 10 if you ask me.
c) To eliminate waits to leave and join clans, most likely all participants would need to be in one clan. All would fight as much as possible (even BA buying) to get a bonus for the tank who would try to make as much as possible.

So again, anyone interested in this idea? I'm serious here, I think this could work. With mages, one person makes purely profit, and all that goes straight into a better team for the err, team.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 30 2005 4:11 AM EDT

Make this a Clan thing.

I suggested this ages ago as something to do with an Econ clan (to keep transfer costs down). Put a team effort into a single character.

AdminShade September 30 2005 7:09 AM EDT

Wouldn't 2 people on 1 character/account be like merging?
And thus not allowed anymore on CB2?

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] September 30 2005 7:15 AM EDT

It's not one account, it's one character. Seems to me that therein lies the difference.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 30 2005 7:16 AM EDT

Shade, the idea would be a whole clan on seperate accounts. 1 plays a Tank, the other's all have Mages to make money. All cash is funneled into the Tank charcater to make it massive.

The Tank character could be transfered around so that everyone in the clan gets a chane to fight with it, instead of just making cash for it.

AdminShade September 30 2005 7:53 AM EDT

hmmm, this already can be done, but costs a lot of transferring money ;)

also i see no reason why it wouldnt be allowed to let character A and character B swap places from player X to Y and vice versa...

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 30 2005 8:54 AM EDT

An Econ clan would proabably be best for people wanting to move that charcater around.

If a group wants to get together for one to run, others to fund, a single character, a normal clan would be OK.

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