"Home" Screen Additions/Changes (in Changelog)

Relic October 4 2005 12:16 PM EDT

The "Home" screen now contains your Minion Power Rating (MPR). It has also been updated with links to the wiki.


AdminJonathan October 4 2005 12:17 PM EDT

Glory is the first to commit changes to the CB development environment. Thanks!

Biscuitback October 4 2005 12:18 PM EDT

thanx glory... it looks good too

Maelstrom October 4 2005 12:18 PM EDT

Way to go, Glory! Thanks!

Tezmac October 4 2005 12:19 PM EDT

Nicely done, looks great!

chappy [Soup Ream] October 4 2005 12:20 PM EDT

looks great Glory!!! I love small additions that make things easier ..

gooey muppet October 4 2005 12:30 PM EDT

sweet, thanks glory.

Ilovehellokitty October 4 2005 12:40 PM EDT

thanks G.

[T]Vestax October 4 2005 12:50 PM EDT

What's MPR??

QBOddBird October 4 2005 12:57 PM EDT

yay, I love it! Thanks a ton, Glory!

BrandonLP October 4 2005 1:00 PM EDT

Well done, Glory.

WeaponX October 4 2005 1:06 PM EDT

looks good Glory

AdminG Beee October 4 2005 1:07 PM EDT

Glory grabs the... uhm glory.

Nice :)

[EG] Almuric October 4 2005 1:17 PM EDT

The first seal has been broken.

Good job, Glory.

QBBarzooMonkey October 4 2005 1:17 PM EDT

Glory rocks!

{CB3}-HR22 October 4 2005 1:20 PM EDT

Yay! Glory you da man!

QBJohnnywas October 4 2005 1:39 PM EDT

My home page feels kind of dirty now....


Nice addition. Good job Glory!

Arorrr October 4 2005 1:39 PM EDT

A change on even month???

That is a precedent.

AngryZac October 4 2005 1:44 PM EDT

Only major changes are saved for even months (major as in can possibly change stratagies etc)

Quark October 4 2005 1:48 PM EDT

All right! Great start to contributing to the code base, Glory. I'd do it if my coding skills weren't 10 years out of date.

csraven October 4 2005 2:09 PM EDT

nice change... i was wondering when someone was going to put that in... looks nice up there too

AdminShade October 4 2005 2:10 PM EDT

Well done glory and welcome to the designers department :p

(and no i'm not part of it)

csraven October 4 2005 2:11 PM EDT

i like how everything links like that... makes finding info a lot smoother

AdminShade October 4 2005 2:32 PM EDT

just 1 thing: my character's name doesn't display right anymore :\

for clarity:

it displays as Il├║vatar in my home screen

and as Iluvatar in my manage characters, fightlist, stats screens, but then with an accent on the u

AdminShade October 4 2005 2:47 PM EDT

cute! it's fixed

IndependenZ October 4 2005 2:49 PM EDT

Nice little changes, Glory. Thanks a lot!

{CB3}-HR22 October 4 2005 4:10 PM EDT

Shade-wasnt your name always like that?
At least in the fight list it appears like that.

spydah October 4 2005 4:29 PM EDT

I thought this WAS the dev environment...



Shayde October 4 2005 5:07 PM EDT

looks cool.. good work :)

[SoV] Shiv [/me Forge Stuff :D] October 4 2005 6:19 PM EDT

niiiiiiiice :p

Nixon Jibfest October 4 2005 6:26 PM EDT

I declare October as "Glory Month"

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 4 2005 6:27 PM EDT

Brilliant! :D

Stephen October 4 2005 7:09 PM EDT

Shouldn't Max tattoo be Initial Capitalized?

picky, picky!

Relic October 4 2005 7:16 PM EDT

It was Max tattoo before and is still. I figured why change it if no one complained originally. :P

{CB1ate}aupStar October 4 2005 8:23 PM EDT

me likes the new changes...^_^ nice one glory! =)

Blarg October 4 2005 8:39 PM EDT

whoo glory!
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