I found Jonathan's blog (in Off-topic)

Grim Reaper October 6 2005 5:10 AM EDT

Maybe one of them anyways, well just one sight but 2 blog things.

Nost sure if I should post link or not, maybe this will get deleted.

maulaxe October 6 2005 5:17 AM EDT

I think he has even linked to it in the past, but maybe that was someone else posting it. too lazy to look through threads though... had something to do with aspects of python vs. other languages IIRC

QBJohnnywas October 6 2005 5:25 AM EDT

Had a good day today, got some of those lazy ungrateful idiots who play my precious little game to do some coding for me. They make me so mad, ungrateful is not the word for them. I give them this for free and they do nothing but whine whine whine....

makes interesting reading....

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 6 2005 8:13 AM EDT



AdminShade October 6 2005 8:29 AM EDT

Why would a link to a blog be removed?

Isn't that the purpose of a blog, to be read?

AdminJonathan October 6 2005 12:02 PM EDT

yes, I linked it before.

and it's quite easy to google. not a secret.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 6 2005 12:40 PM EDT

You have a beard!?!?!?


For some reason I always imagined you clean shaven! ;)

{CB3}-HR22 October 6 2005 2:10 PM EDT

man that paragraph is harsh

Grim Reaper October 6 2005 2:13 PM EDT

Ah good someone found it.

QBBarzooMonkey October 6 2005 2:42 PM EDT

"So Matthew walked out of the store with a new sword and without whining."

I literally laughed out loud - whether the reference was intentional or not :D

[SoM]CupofJoe [Peoples Bank of Carnage] October 6 2005 3:17 PM EDT

So what's the link?

{CB3}-HR22 October 6 2005 4:59 PM EDT


AdminShade October 6 2005 5:10 PM EDT


Grim Reaper October 6 2005 5:35 PM EDT

4 messengers on one site Found that while going through the blogs

spydah October 6 2005 6:07 PM EDT

6, actually, but who's counting :p


Stephen October 6 2005 6:42 PM EDT

Isn't one a coding blog, and the other is primarily about his son's pooing habits?

Blarg October 6 2005 8:21 PM EDT

"Matthew! Stop licking the air vent!"


Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] October 6 2005 8:24 PM EDT

"He tried to escape my dichotomy with a third option ("cheese!") but I was not to be swayed.
Another night, perhaps, I would have gotten him cheese for dinner, but he had diarrhea today so cheese was off the menu."


TheEverblacksky October 6 2005 10:24 PM EDT

next it's going to be Matthew stop making multiple accounts and sending items from central bank! :P

BrandonLP October 6 2005 10:38 PM EDT

His name is Without A Brain, spydah. =P

spydah October 7 2005 11:03 AM EDT

true, true


Sukotto [lookingglas] October 7 2005 2:21 PM EDT

"So Matthew walked out of the store with a new sword and without whining."

Ok, I've got it. Next April 1st (or some other suitable date), anyone who fights automatically gets:

Matthew's Sword [0] +0 $100
- Cannot be upgraded
- No PR impact
- Causes the phrase "<Character Name> looks spiffy" to appear in the Enchantment phase to combat
- No other effect.

maulaxe October 10 2005 12:26 AM EDT

i'll take four.
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