Should you get more EXP when you are recruiting a new minion? (in General)

Untouchable October 7 2005 10:20 PM EDT

as title says.

Im just curious, recruiting a new minion can bump up your MPR, sure but why such low EXP received?? i mean, like 1.06mill is quite a lot of money to recruit a minion, and you only would only get 330k exp back.

Does anyone agree with me?

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] October 7 2005 10:24 PM EDT

I like it how it is, forces you to make a decision, have 4 minions early on and spread out EXP, or have a few larger minions, then some support minions

QBRanger October 7 2005 11:07 PM EDT


Adrian Exodus October 7 2005 11:16 PM EDT

why this is being brought up could someone tell me the rate of money spent to xp and/or mpr gained? if its known or close to it?

Relic October 7 2005 11:28 PM EDT

1/3 the cost is roughly how much exp your minion will start with after hiring.

Special J October 7 2005 11:30 PM EDT

no, this does not need to be changed :)

Adrian Exodus October 7 2005 11:56 PM EDT

so recruiting a new minion for me would be 7268061 and it would start out with around 2422687 xp....that seems fine to me.

Special J October 7 2005 11:58 PM EDT

it costs you 7m to add a minion?

good lord something is wrong there

Adrian Exodus October 7 2005 11:59 PM EDT

well it could be 3 mil but im not going cheap i figure lets get the extra mpr

{CB1ate}aupStar October 8 2005 7:34 AM EDT

I agree with untouchable. If you pay so much to recruit a minion, you should get a lot more than you currently do. Otherwise, it leaves your char really unbalanced.

Wonderpuff October 8 2005 9:32 AM EDT

Wuss, it's driven off of your largest minion's size; according to ranger. So for single-minion guys that 2nd minion cost is absurdly high.

Then again, if I add a 2nd minion it will be significantly larger than if a 3-minion guy with my same MPR went to add a 4th.

Rather than raising the XP, it might make sense to improve the Cash/XP ratio to something a little bit more user-friendly.

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] October 8 2005 12:26 PM EDT

MPR should be expensive to buy don't you think?
As for leaving you unbalanced, if you are heading for a strategy that requires balanced minions you should have bought them earlier (RoE can be used by some teams to adjust ratios now as well). If you want one big minion and some smaller ones later you have to accept the high cost.
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