"O RLY" Design Contest (in Contests)

Ilovehellokitty October 9 2005 1:35 PM EDT

Theme :HelloKitty
Prize : 50k (sorry i am poor)
Post your picture here. I will pick the best one :P
<-- "O RLY?" is required in design

Ilovehellokitty October 9 2005 1:45 PM EDT

Due to few CM's i received.
I shall add:
1. As cute as me as possible :P
2. cat picture is acceptable but prefer hellokitty (how can you resist?)
3. Contests end in 2 days max.

Special J October 9 2005 1:53 PM EDT


We have this market held down!

Inferno October 9 2005 1:58 PM EDT

what's O RLY stand for anyways?

YNM October 9 2005 2:01 PM EDT

it translates to "oh really" inferno

Tezmac October 9 2005 2:05 PM EDT

<======= O' RLY?? :O)

QBOddBird October 9 2005 2:29 PM EDT

Self-created, actual bot-check.

AdminShade October 9 2005 2:32 PM EDT

QBOddBird October 9 2005 2:43 PM EDT

Version 2.0

Ilovehellokitty October 9 2005 3:01 PM EDT

Shade is winning. But Oddbird is coming along very close.

Special J October 9 2005 3:04 PM EDT

Now I have to come up with a new theme, I hate being a part of a fad, even if I started it.

QBOddBird October 9 2005 3:15 PM EDT

QBOddBird October 9 2005 3:42 PM EDT

This is my last one - I edited hard on this one, so if it doesn't win, whatever.

But it will. XD

bartjan October 9 2005 3:43 PM EDT


empty orchestra October 9 2005 3:43 PM EDT

not the greatest paint job ever, but for a quickie...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

QBOddBird October 9 2005 3:56 PM EDT

if any parts of my pictures need to be removed to qualify, such as bot-checks, quotes, etc...just let me know and I will do so and re-submit them for usage. Thank you.

AdminShade October 9 2005 4:06 PM EDT

And anything needs to be modified to my entry, perhaps making the text a different color, just let me know ;)

Telkir October 9 2005 4:08 PM EDT

Hurrah for Paint! (pity my laptop doesn't have Photoshop :)

Ilovehellokitty October 9 2005 4:12 PM EDT

Barjan is winning ...oh my ...that is so cute :P

Telkir October 9 2005 4:31 PM EDT

Just a couple more:

QBOddBird October 9 2005 4:54 PM EDT

Now if I had known we were going by straight up cuteness, and not by there being a point to the "O RLY" part, I'd have made different entries. Oh well.

AdminShade October 9 2005 4:56 PM EDT

AdminShade October 9 2005 4:59 PM EDT

Ilovehellokitty October 9 2005 5:09 PM EDT

Shade has read my mind. That's soooo cuteeee !.
If you can add " NUB Stinks" somewhere on those last two entries, I will definitely pick it out of the whole bunch.
(Hint for Oddbird: Cute + Nub + Ownage is main theme) and of course sexy :P

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] October 9 2005 5:23 PM EDT


Hyrule Castle October 9 2005 5:40 PM EDT

lol that last one is hilarious,

AdminG Beee October 9 2005 5:53 PM EDT

Perhaps not cute, but it made me chuckle :)

iBananco [Blue Army] October 9 2005 8:30 PM EDT

Stephen Young October 9 2005 8:49 PM EDT

ha ha ha,SFG5gq5g3gfRGF#4g!!!

QBOddBird October 9 2005 9:22 PM EDT

If you can refuse this much cuteness, why, then I have no chance at winning.

AdminNightStrike October 10 2005 10:56 AM EDT

What does "o rly?" mean?

Synco October 10 2005 11:02 AM EDT

Oh, really?

AdminShade October 10 2005 11:19 AM EDT

see 4th and 5th replies in this thread :)

AdminShade October 10 2005 1:43 PM EDT

Inferno October 10 2005 1:49 PM EDT

Shade won lol

Ilovehellokitty October 10 2005 2:17 PM EDT

Ilovehellokitty (I Love You) Shade (IlĂșvatar) $50000 -- you won #1 2:16 PM EDT

Keep it coming. Another 50k is waiting for another best Pic

AdminShade October 10 2005 2:57 PM EDT

AdminShade October 10 2005 3:14 PM EDT

IndependenZ October 10 2005 8:41 PM EDT

AdminNightStrike October 11 2005 11:14 PM EDT

Robert Kiyosaki! Ha!

So what's the significance of "Oh, really?"
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