Richest in world (in Off-topic)

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] October 10 2005 11:36 AM EDT

See how rich you are...
I scored in the top 7 or so. I'm sure a lot of you techies will get much higher.

AdminShade October 10 2005 11:38 AM EDT

You are in the top 13.86% richest people in the world.

QBOddBird October 10 2005 11:39 AM EDT

You are in the top 0.45% richest people in the world.

Not my salary, my parents. Mine:

You are in the top 12.86% richest people in the world.

Relic October 10 2005 11:50 AM EDT

You are in the top 0.612% richest people in the world.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 10 2005 11:50 AM EDT

You are in the top 0.719% richest people in the world.

Well I was, back when I had a job.

LumpBot October 10 2005 12:13 PM EDT

I'm poorer than Shade =\

{CB1ate}aupStar October 10 2005 12:39 PM EDT

I live off my parents...I'm poorer than you all...xD mwahahaha

Here is the response I got: Sorry, if you earn less than $90 a year we are unable to calculate your position on the richlist. If this is the case you would be one of the billions of people who earn less than $2 a day. Typically you would also not have access to a computer or an Internet connection. If you are earning less than $90 a year it'd be unfair to ask you to donate money to Care International, if however, you actually earn more than this it may be worth re-calculating your position.

If I did have money, I would gladly contribute though...=)

matteo48 October 10 2005 2:02 PM EDT

You are in the top 0.712% richest people in the world.

There are 5,957,241,225 people poorer than you.

Sukotto [lookingglas] October 10 2005 2:33 PM EDT

I'm richer than a Mongolian goat herder.
But I can only barely afford to pay my food/clothing/mortgage costs.


Ilovehellokitty October 10 2005 2:49 PM EDT

Doesn't say much about the organization. Could it be a scam?

Special J October 10 2005 2:53 PM EDT

Care International, a scam?

No, this site has been around for quite a long time. And Care International is old than you ;)

Grim Reaper October 11 2005 12:27 AM EDT

I love the way all these organizations call people poor cuz these people don't have "money".

Special J October 11 2005 12:29 AM EDT

Imagine that, the difference between poor and rich is money, who coulda thunk it.

Grim Reaper October 11 2005 12:52 AM EDT

Reminds me of kids online who know nothing but in video games they become rich with lots of currency and go around showing off they are richer than someone else but do not know how to fight or do anything else but trade and scam all day.

Then one day they run into someone that is richer but is just wearing the richness in gear plus a bit more in the pocket,meanwhile the kid with the same amount of money but just in currency says "So what, I am richer than you are,stupid newbie. I'm rich you are poor"

Then the guy with the rich gear knocks out the kid who has nothing on him and takes his money and says, "Now I am rich you are poor, stupid newbie"

Then the now poor kid since he doesn't know anything about fighting but only knows how to get rich, goes back to get rich then buys himself some high gear and then talks to the guy who stole his money and says "I want a rematch"

Then the smart guy with his gear says ok, to make things fair for you I will take off my gear"

The smart guy kills him with "poor" gear and becomes rich once more.

So basically someone who is rich won't be able to beat someone who has gone around training combat to kill anyone who wants to mess with him.

Being rich and well trained is a plus, but if it was a choice between the having money and being able to beat up anyone messing with me, I would choose with being poor in money and be rich in the mind and body :)

donating money to poor countries will do no good, the only thing it does is make "non-profit" organizations to make money.

BrandonLP October 11 2005 1:16 AM EDT

Again, you do a great job of earning your name.

QBOddBird October 11 2005 1:29 AM EDT

/me votes for Without a Brain's post as dumbest post of the year...

Derek October 11 2005 1:31 AM EDT

I second that

Grim Reaper October 11 2005 1:45 AM EDT

I can do lots of dumb posts but then I do something great and everyone hugs me.

Dragon Slayer October 11 2005 2:05 AM EDT

"I would choose with being poor in money and be rich in the mind and body"

all i can say is wow thats the most profound thing i've heard in awhile and the only thing in the whole post that made any bit of sense...goodjob without

Grim Reaper October 11 2005 2:11 AM EDT

It's like that saying about giving fish to a man so he can eat and not be hungry for a day but teach him how to fish and he can have fish for a lifetime.

Don't remember exact saying.

Basically only thing giving money is doing is giving those people some money but it won't teach them anything about how to stay alive, all it will do is make them want more money.

And how is giving money going to help people who are "poor" by standards of people who are only used to having money as being everything will help the people who see money as nothing more than trying to feed a man with a rock when the man needs food or better yet maybe a way to grow food.

[CB1]moniker October 11 2005 2:25 AM EDT

Yeah, Without A Brain, I haven't really thought through world economics as thoroughly as you have. You seem to have it pretty well worked out.

About all i know is this. In the village of Mwanza in Tanzania, about a dozen kids a year used to die of water-borne diseases. So we sent some of our money, and they built a new well and water filtration system.

Now, not so many kids die there. Dunno how that works out in dollars and cents, and I'm sure it just made them "want more money", but for now, that seems like a pretty good trade-off.

Grim Reaper October 11 2005 2:39 AM EDT

I doubt they built it themselves, because if they did then they could have had it there long ago. The money was probably used to pay some people who knew how to do it to go down there and build it.

Derek October 11 2005 2:49 AM EDT

"I doubt they built it themselves, because if they did then they could have had it there long ago."

Your ignorance astounds me Without a Brain, even if it wasn't them that built it the point is that it has improved their quality of life - which is something that can't be measured in dollar terms.

Money given to NPO's like World Vision doesn't go directly to those the organisation is trying to help. It is used to fund projects that help improve their quality of life and help them achieve self sufficiency.

This is directly from the World Vision website

A cow can cost up to NZ$750. For families of the Oudong community in Cambodia, for example, this figure can represent their annual income. It is impossible for them to buy a cow at this price so a family would normally hire an animal to plough their land.

This is where you can help. On average, proceeds from a cull cow will buy one cow for the cow bank, which in turn provides up to three families with the beginnings of a herd. It will also provide the family with basic training on animal health, ensuring the cows are properly cared for.

- Ploughing by cow, not by hand, boosts food production.
- Breeding more cows to sell increases income.
- Increased profit margin from farm production.

"It's like that saying about giving fish to a man so he can eat and not be hungry for a day but teach him how to fish and he can have fish for a lifetime."

If you actually bothered doing some research to see where money given to NPO's actually goes you would see that the saying above is exactly what these organisations are trying to do.

Grim Reaper October 11 2005 3:33 AM EDT

Ok I do agree there are great organizations that help out like what you said Derek. Point is that these days in order to help those countries out to catch up to the rest of the world it will take a lot more work than giving one cow to a country. And the country itself has to get its government changed and get projects done to improve the countries way of life instead of having people being torn apart because of not having money like other countries have.

BrandonLP October 11 2005 3:54 AM EDT

Without A Brain,

I used to date a girl who drove me insane. Kicked things, screamed, broke many things of mine, etc. However, you make my head hurt more than she ever did.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 11 2005 3:56 AM EDT


I bought my house at £110,000. That cleaned me and the missus out. Taking your cash/gear example, I would be richer than a guy living at home who has £110,000 cash. But I can't go out and buy anything, food, beer, a nice night out, a new playstation game, etc...

I don't feel richer than the guy who's alreay pre ordered a PS3 and is playing on his nice new PSP...

To make matters more complicated, my house has now been valued at £200,000. Am I now richer than the guy with £110,000 cash?


AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] October 11 2005 4:04 AM EDT

Without A Brain, do you happen to have a lot of money? Do you happen to find government oppressive and overbearing? Do you think we would all do better with the simple freedoms as expressed in the constitution? Freedom of speech, right to bear arms, and right to free assembly? Well then Congratulations!

Well then Congratulations Free Thinker!!! You belong to the Libertarian party now. Now go out promote your perfect template of free society, so that we can all benefit!

Would you like to know more about Minarchism or Anarcho-capitalism?

I suppose you already know all there is to know about economic freedom, so don't let me stop you freedom fighter, now go out there and round up some good old fashioned capital investment!

This message brought to you by the Republican Party

Grim Reaper October 11 2005 4:15 AM EDT

Oh no verifex I don't mind that countries that become powerfull and rich is because they went around killing murdering taking over other countries by force, after all, plenty of large nations did that to get ahead. I am just annoyed with these organizations who keep advertising "save this little child just by donating 10 cents"

I preffer advertisements of anti-war rather than poverty which is caused because of the war.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] October 11 2005 4:36 AM EDT

Without a Brain, here is what I suggest to you... In pin form:

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 11 2005 4:40 AM EDT


"rather than poverty which is caused because of the war"

What about poverty caused by natural disasters (for example) and not war?

Grim Reaper October 11 2005 4:53 AM EDT

GL if there was a natural disaster then sure, aid could be brought in but the country could get back on its feet. The problem is that there are countries that were constantly invaded, resources plundered, their way of life disrupted, things that happened to the point where if they did try to get back on their feet they would be struck down again.

And then there are countries that think they are better than others so they come in and try to force the people to live by use of money/trying to force the country to turn democratic really. And then what happens, in those countries some people figure out that using money they could use it to their advantage and make people who once prospered turn into slaves because of some stupid currency introduced which turned their way of life upside down making people work for money to survive.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 11 2005 4:56 AM EDT


So currency and democracy are culture ruining ideas?

Grim Reaper October 11 2005 5:03 AM EDT

It is a simple fact that when it comes to currency and democracy they can ruin things.

At least in a sense of having a government around which says "Turn democratic so we can buy your goods for cheap prices or die"

QBJohnnywas October 11 2005 5:04 AM EDT

Am I the only one round these here parts that finds WAB's posts strangely trippy?

Grim Reaper October 11 2005 5:16 AM EDT

Am I the only one that sees that site in the first post as the most inaccurate site ever?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 11 2005 5:34 AM EDT

Context WAB, context... From our good friends


1) Possessing great material wealth: “Now that he was rich he was not thought ignorant any more, but simply eccentric” (Mavis Gallant).

2) Having great worth or value: a rich harvest of grain.

3) Magnificent; sumptuous: a rich brocade.

4) a: Having an abundant supply: rich in ideas.
b: Abounding, especially in natural resources: rich land.

5) Meaningful and significant: “a rich sense of the transaction between writer and reader” (William Zinsser).

6) Very productive and therefore financially profitable: rich seams of coal.

7) a: Containing a large amount of choice ingredients, such as butter, sugar, or eggs, and therefore unusually heavy or sweet: a rich dessert.
b: Having or exuding a strong or pungent aroma: “Texas air is so rich you can nourish off it like it was food” (Edna Ferber).

8) a:Pleasantly full and mellow: a rich tenor voice.
b: Warm and strong in color: a rich brown velvet.

9) Containing a large proportion of fuel to air: a rich gas mixture.

10) Informal. Highly amusing.

QBJohnnywas October 11 2005 5:43 AM EDT

Looking at those definitions GL, you may not be rich in cash my friend but plenty of those define you to a 'T'

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 11 2005 6:01 AM EDT

Yay! :D

My personal favorite is 'Pleasantly full and mellow'.

Grim Reaper October 11 2005 6:08 AM EDT

Ok now we getting somewhere :)

No more fighting since you have seemed to have defined what I have been trying to explain about being rich is about.

So in conclusion the site globalrichlist is inaccurate.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 11 2005 6:24 AM EDT

Dude, are you being purposely thick and stuborn? From that site.

"Every year we gaze enviously at the lists of the richest people in world.
Wondering what it would be like to have that sort of cash. But where
would you sit on one of those lists? Here’s your chance to find out."

Meaning 1) from the definition of Rich eh? Cash = Material Wealth. That web site doesn't care how Warm and strong in color you are or how Highly amusing. But your material wealth.

Context. You want a definition for this word as well?

[EG] Almuric October 11 2005 9:04 AM EDT

Supposably intelligent people arguing with an ignoramus makes Almuric sad.

The Power of Stupidity

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 11 2005 9:10 AM EDT



Those five laws are pure genius! ;)

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] October 11 2005 1:49 PM EDT

We can't forum ban people for being stupid. What more do you want? ;)
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