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AdminShade October 11 2005 7:20 AM EDT

Together with 2 very good friends of mine I will be taking a trip to Poland next Sunday.

We will first go to Krakau and after that we will go to Auschwitz, to make a documentary about the destruction camp. We will go by car, which is about 1300 km driving from where we live.
We have engaged a tour guide in English and perhaps even in Dutch and have a 6 hour tour, perhaps we even will take a second day with a tour guide to see even more things.
While there we will be filming most of what we do as well as taking photos of lots of things.

Therefor I will not be online from Sunday 16 October until Friday 21st or Saturday 22nd.

Undertow October 11 2005 8:49 AM EDT

Wow, Shade, that's awesome.

One of the things that sucks about living in America, is you can see some really cool things driving, but they're all still "American." God I wish I could just drive to Poland.

AdminShade October 11 2005 8:58 AM EDT

Well it's not so much about the driving since we will be there for like 4 days.
My friend always had an idea to go there and make a documentary about it, but never had the chance.

And when he visited a deportation camp (Vught) near our home he told us about it and we both (other friend and me) said that we would think it to be a very interesting thing to do.

Lots of research had to be done about when to visit and where it actually is, found some great sites about it and also viewed lots of photo's about the real things that you see there, really impressive...

Maelstrom October 11 2005 9:10 AM EDT

A couple of summers ago, I went to see the Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria. Walking around in the gas chambers and peeking into the incinerators was pretty creepy! The site is at a rock quarry, which the prisoners were forced to work in with the most primitive tools possible.

AdminShade October 11 2005 9:44 AM EDT

For they who want some more information:

Link to Auschwitz Birkenau memorial site.

onlyyouknow October 11 2005 10:35 AM EDT

Another trip? Wow, you lead a good life Shade :P

AdminShade October 11 2005 10:38 AM EDT

Well we try to make it as low budget as possible though :)

InebriatedArsonist October 11 2005 3:02 PM EDT

Sounds cool. I went to Auschwitz and Birkenau a few years ago, definitely worth the time required to get there. Krakow is an interesting place to wander around in, too.

Oh, did I mention the bars?

AdminShade October 11 2005 3:07 PM EDT

Hehe, the bars are noted :)

AdminShade October 13 2005 5:31 AM EDT

And the day draws closer...

We got an email that our private tour guide wasn't available in English so that is not good news...

Perhaps we visit the memorial for 2 days so we can still get enough information there.

Maelstrom October 13 2005 10:25 AM EDT

Got time for a crash course in Polish? :p

AdminShade October 13 2005 1:23 PM EDT

crash course?

{CB1ate}aupStar October 13 2005 2:47 PM EDT

Of all the most depressing places on earth, Auschwitz would probably have to be one of them...=/ Good luck with making the documentary Shade...=) Maybe one day they'll show it on Australian teli...o_O

AdminShade October 13 2005 3:08 PM EDT

If that documentary would be showed on public television then my friend will have made his dreams come true...

Thanks for the good luck :)

Maelstrom October 13 2005 3:50 PM EDT

"crash course in Polish" = a short, intense course on the essentials of the language.

InebriatedArsonist October 13 2005 3:57 PM EDT

It's alright, Shade, there is a wealth of information online and in print that you can consult before arrival. Just find a map of the two compounds, mark out the major buildings and areas, and fill in the blanks with data from reference sources.

AdminShade October 14 2005 12:01 PM EDT

anyone have some 'things not to forget' ideas?

AdminG Beee October 14 2005 1:41 PM EDT


Maelstrom October 14 2005 1:43 PM EDT

video cameras?

AdminShade October 14 2005 3:50 PM EDT

good mood
maps of Oswicim

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] October 14 2005 3:56 PM EDT

Don't forget to bring a wireless internet-abled electronic device that will keep you in touch with CB.

Sukotto [lookingglas] October 14 2005 4:14 PM EDT

Don't forget. Or rather, *remember* that your documentary probably won't be about what you're thinking now. Take lots of film, talk to lots of people (if possible) and, after you're done all that, look for a compelling story in the film you have. Don't try to force your footage to fit your preconceived notions of what your story "should be about".

Remember to keep the cameras rolling all the time. That perfect turn of phrase your buddy says offhand won't sound nearly as good when he repeats it for the camera.

Remember to take the best microphones you can get your hands on. Good sound is often more important than good video. Take extra equipment if possible. You never know when something will break.

Take some small gifts from your local area that you can give to people you meet as little "thank you" gestures. (Don't promise them in advance though)

Take business cards to hand out. You never know when you'll meet someone interested in keeping in touch with you. For all you know, you'll meet the head of Programming for a local TV station while you're there.

Best wishes, hope you have a great time.

AdminShade October 16 2005 7:10 AM EDT

Well we have lots of filming tape that won't be a problem.

Already had the same idea but we also thought about what to ask and do.

My friend just got a new microphone, works great :)

Hmmm small gifts? I don't think we would have the courage to just go ask the locals, most likely we wouldn't even understand them :\

We don't have a business card and filming is only free of charge if it is done in a non commercial way.

still some nice thoughts

AdminShade October 16 2005 7:11 AM EDT

3 hours until we gather for the departure, some 7 or 8 hours until we actually leave...

Gonna miss you guys / girls / other people ;)

AdminShade October 21 2005 11:09 AM EDT

I'm back!

Just to let you people know :)

Maelstrom October 21 2005 11:10 AM EDT

Welcome back! How did it go?

QBOddBird October 21 2005 11:10 AM EDT

welcome back Shade!!! XD
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