Who get farmed most? :P (in Off-topic)

Ilovehellokitty October 11 2005 7:32 PM EDT

With the new features, and we can keep track easier with this. I wonder who get farmed the most in cb in any 24 hours given day

Blarg October 11 2005 7:34 PM EDT

only 148 attacks against me in the last 24h, i'm sure someone can beat that.

Special J October 11 2005 7:35 PM EDT

Totals: 1066 34 98 0 88.98

That is incoming attacks.

Ilovehellokitty October 11 2005 7:37 PM EDT

Totals: 1345 that's mine..not too shabby!

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] October 11 2005 7:48 PM EDT

I fail to see how this is off-topic. Oh and I got about 986.

Inferno October 11 2005 7:49 PM EDT

Totals: 1083

sssimmo October 11 2005 9:25 PM EDT


Biscuitback October 12 2005 12:40 AM EDT

i think i'm winning this one.

Totals: 1620 21 124 0 91.78

so i guess 1620

for some reason i don't think thats a good thing.

Intox October 12 2005 12:44 AM EDT

I can take a lot of the blame for that, Biscuit. =P

QBJohnnywas October 12 2005 3:26 AM EDT

1419 in the last 24 hours.

Biscuitback still wins - I'm responsible for part of that one too...

CoolWater [Superheros] October 12 2005 3:31 AM EDT

Mine is 1005 which is not good enough but still a lot less than biscuitback.

BTW, I'm also responsible for Biscuit's totals.

QBJohnnywas October 12 2005 3:35 AM EDT

Is everyone farming Biscuitback then? Maybe we should be asking who isn't farming him?

AdminShade October 12 2005 4:00 AM EDT

Totals: 1384, not winning but i am close. it was 1500 yesterday

CoolWater [Superheros] October 12 2005 4:15 AM EDT

After looking more thoroughly, I'm also responsible for Johnnywas and Intox totals. Maybe I should include Shade as well. :)

QBJohnnywas October 12 2005 5:14 AM EDT

yes Cool. I know. I know and I don't forget. =-P

onlyyouknow October 12 2005 5:41 AM EDT

That's for mine:
Totals: 1339


QBBast [Hidden Agenda] October 12 2005 5:47 AM EDT

There is a difference between merely getting beaten a great deal in the course of daily play, and getting farmed. A fairly good indicator of who gets farmed the most would be: # of defeats by a single opponent.

If you are truly being farmed by someone, then they get to use all their BA on you -- not merely the 1 per 5? or 1 per 10? or 1 per 20?, where the second number is length of fightlist.

onlyyouknow October 12 2005 5:54 AM EDT

Then Will's character, Sparky farms me the most. A total of 224 in 24 hours. He must really hate me :p

AdminG Beee October 12 2005 6:18 AM EDT

Farming is an art form and something to be enjoyed.

Farming is real time battle when you catch your opponent on-line and fighting at the same time as you.
Farming is being able to hit him repeatedly as he goes through his fight list. While he fights/heals/fights/heals you are able to constantly battle against him and burn through lots of BA in very little time.

That's the definition of farming - not something to be confused with either agricultural activities or the day to day battles on CB.

As much as it's great to catch an opponent - it's sucks to be you if you're caught out. Prepare to watch your score dip fast if you're being "farmed" by someone who is quite a bit lower than yourself.

I remember the days on CB1. Fighting my battles and constantly refreshing my recent battles list in a separate window to make sure the usual suspects weren't farming me. Much easier on CB2 now that we have the sidebar and you can keep an eye on your score real time :)

Oh yeah - and as for Bast. She's a farmer every opportunity she gets. Fortunately most of us are below her line of vision so we don't get picked on.

QBJohnnywas October 12 2005 6:27 AM EDT


1. One who works on or operates a farm.
2. One who has paid for the right to collect and retain certain revenues or profits.
3. A simple, unsophisticated person; a bumpkin.

courtesy of Dictionary.Com.

Does any of that sound like Bast to you?

AdminG Beee October 12 2005 6:35 AM EDT

Yes - but I'm not saying which !

QBJohnnywas October 12 2005 6:36 AM EDT

I wouldn't....

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 12 2005 6:56 AM EDT

Yee haw!!!


Uh huh!

AdminG Beee October 12 2005 7:43 AM EDT

Johnny, I prefer my definition of farmer :) See below...

Poor NWO got hit 15 times in the space of 1 minute.

QBJohnnywas October 12 2005 7:46 AM EDT

Yes, well, you've hit me a few times today as well. I'm sick of it I tell you - I wish you would all just leave me alone to fight in peace.... =-P

AdminG Beee October 12 2005 8:00 AM EDT

Heh, I'm not against farming - I love it... :)

And yes, I'll hit on you (in a CB kinda way) as often as I can until you're big enough to hit me. That's when I'll start complaining :)

QBJohnnywas October 12 2005 8:01 AM EDT

lol =)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 12 2005 10:04 AM EDT

:( I wanna be hit upon....

BrandonLP October 12 2005 11:03 AM EDT

Spid defeated Talhearn after 4 rounds of combat.
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