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chelon October 14 2005 8:57 AM EDT

How can displacement boot help a single mage game play?
Want some advice before i get one thank you :)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 14 2005 9:04 AM EDT

Every point of DB will negate one plus (pth) on an attackers weapon. Any points left on the DBs after weapon plus has been fully negated will then reduce dexterity.

These help Mages reduce the number of hits Tanks can land on them.

They have no effect when facing other Mages.

I hope this helps!


Quark October 14 2005 10:12 AM EDT

The PTH is also inherent in ToA tanks and UC. But realistically, the boots have to be pretty big (a couple of mil NW) to negate a hit a round, so it can be a pretty big PR hit. This assumes your mage has no dex - in CB1 one of the biggest single mages also pumped his dex up to tank level. If you're willing to play more defence against tanks, spend EXP on dex and get DB's. But that draws from your MM spell.

My suggestion is forget the DB's, go big on your FB and spend the cash on AG NW or a corn. More offense will deal with tanks just as well as avoiding their hits (and since I farm you I know you're close). And the corn will help against other mages.

ywnwraith October 14 2005 3:49 PM EDT

"This assumes your mage has no dex - in CB1 one of the biggest single mages also pumped his dex up to tank level."

*her* dex.

InebriatedArsonist October 14 2005 4:12 PM EDT

While Alatar's Gloves and the Cornuthaum might show immediate results in spell strength, that doesn't make Displacement Boots any less valuable. Yes, you need to invest a good amount of money for appreciable results, perhaps $2.5 million or so to reach +50, but evading triple and quad hits is worth the price.

{CB3}-HR22 October 14 2005 4:48 PM EDT

A Pair of Firebranded Boots [6] (+35)

So my DB's would negate 35 +'s on the opponets weapon?
That sounds really good to me, and since its named about how much more would that give me?

Also, If i was to bring them up to say +50 would there be a big enough differance for the money? I am pretty easily beating everyone on my current fight list, so would it matter?

QBRanger October 14 2005 4:51 PM EDT

Named +35 DB's give you an extra +2 to their effect.

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