Breakdown of PR idea (in General)

QBJohnnywas October 15 2005 8:00 AM EDT

A little thought: Our characters PR is made up of MPR and NW/Tattoo pr. We can see how much our NW/Tattoos add to our MPR. Would it also be possible, perhaps on the character page, to see how the MPR is broken down?

I would really like to see how much a percentage of my MPR is taken up by my AMF for instance.

My reason for this? Against a team without a DD spell my amf is useless. It might as well not be there. So really my PR is not accurate against those teams - in those battles I'm actually fighting at a much lower PR level than the stats show.

It's not necessary but it would be useful to judge strategy and other teams place in my fightlist.... =)

AdminShade October 15 2005 8:46 AM EDT

why not calculate the amount of experience is taken up by your AMF then, and divide it by the entire amount of experience on your character?

QBsutekh137 October 15 2005 11:36 AM EDT

Perhaps to aid in this, show total experience invested on each minion on the training page? It can be calculated now by looking at the "Untrain" number, but one has to know the untrain percentages and slug through all the trained stats. Just showing "Total Invested Experience" at the bottom of each minion (and even total for the team) would be a cool way to compare minions and also do what Johnny is asking for.

Training page is a nice little microcosm to work in (thinking like a programmer -- it shouldn't be able to break anything else), and it must already do the calculations of each stat's investment upon building the page. Also, the training page is relatively simple as far as what it shows, so there is room to show more...

At least it _sounds_ simple. Hell, I would pay $5 bucks for it...

QBsutekh137 October 15 2005 11:45 AM EDT

In fact, Verifex (and other add-on writers) can probably scrape and modify the training page to display what we are talking about. The only downside is that such an add-on would have to hard-code the untrain percentages in order to calculate the total experience. If those percentages ever changed, the add-on would have to be modified also.

Synco October 15 2005 11:47 AM EDT

Cool idea.

It would be nice if there was a special page telling you this, and the % of total exp in each stat. There could be a link on the train page to the suggested page.
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