BMVG: Morgul Hammer.... Wasted votes coming soon (in General)

Nixon Jibfest October 15 2005 10:10 AM EDT

Remember to vote for the Morgul Hammer

We will waste 19 votes if we can work together and get the MH out by Monday.

If we don't get enough votes for the MH by Monday, we're going to just let all 100 votes go to waste and move on to the next item.

Nixon Jibfest October 15 2005 10:11 AM EDT

"if we can't work together"

Maelstrom October 15 2005 11:57 AM EDT

We need 43 more votes to get the Morg to spawn.

I'll give 5k $cb2 to each of the next 10 people that vote for the Morg and post proof here.

(I'm sure someone else out there would do the same for the other 33 votes needed...)

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] October 15 2005 1:49 PM EDT

Votes for Morgul-Hammer
bahamut15 1:46 PM EDT

please send to mikkell

Maelstrom October 15 2005 2:11 PM EDT

Maelstrom (Vainamoinen) bahamut15 (mikkell) $5000 2:10 PM EDT

Anyone else?

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] October 15 2005 2:35 PM EDT

Votes for Morgul-Hammer
smallpau1 2:34 PM EDT

Maelstrom October 15 2005 2:51 PM EDT

Maelstrom (Vainamoinen) smallpau1 (/\quaTeenHungerForce) $5000 2:50 PM EDT

8 more...

[MP]MoneyPig [SNB Forging Services] October 15 2005 4:20 PM EDT

Votes for Morgul-Hammer
[MP] Money Pig 4:17 PM EDT

Maelstrom October 15 2005 4:24 PM EDT

Maelstrom (Vainamoinen) [MP] Money Pig (Million) $5000 4:24 PM EDT

Maelstrom October 15 2005 11:49 PM EDT

Come on people, vote.

[MP]MoneyPig [SNB Forging Services] October 17 2005 10:33 AM EDT

Votes for Morgul-Hammer
[MP] Money Pig 10:33 AM ED

QBRanger October 17 2005 10:46 AM EDT

QBRanger 10:46 AM EDT

Derek October 17 2005 10:51 AM EDT

Derek 10:51 AM EDT

QBOddBird October 17 2005 10:52 AM EDT

[OB]OddBird 10:52 AM EDT

Shadowsparkle [Jago] October 17 2005 11:01 AM EDT

Shadowsparkle 11:00 AM EDT

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] October 17 2005 11:13 AM EDT

just cast my vote for it as well.

QBRanger October 17 2005 11:14 AM EDT

I have a question:

Why are we voting on a MH when the only items that seem to be keeping their value are AG and Corn?

You can buy a MH for about 50-60% of its NW and quite a few are available. However, it is very hard to find a corn for sale and almost as hard to find a set of AG.

Anyone agree or disagree?

Tezmac October 17 2005 11:20 AM EDT

Im in total agreement with you, I keep trumpeting that we just need to get a corn out every week till the price drops.

Will [Retired] October 17 2005 11:20 AM EDT

We are voting for the MH because we are all sheep.

I agree, we should be spawning more mage gears.

Maelstrom October 17 2005 11:47 AM EDT

Maelstrom (Murcielago) dudemus (grasshopper) $5000 11:45 AM EDT
Maelstrom (Murcielago) Shadowsparkle (Failure) $5000 11:44 AM EDT
Maelstrom (Murcielago) [OB]OddBird (Team Untouchable) $5000 11:44 AM EDT
Maelstrom (Murcielago) Derek (Magezilla) $5000 11:43 AM EDT
Maelstrom (Murcielago) QBRanger (The Apocalypse Book) $5000 11:43 AM EDT
Maelstrom (Murcielago) [MP] Money Pig (Million) $5000 11:43 AM EDT

And I'll do one more.

It's not so much being a sheep, as it is avoiding wasting the votes that have already been cast. Yes, high NW Morgs have been selling cheap, but low ones sell for high enough.

Yes, I agree that we need many more Corns, so lets finish up this Morg quickly.

YNM October 17 2005 2:35 PM EDT

YNM{WillbeGunproof4ever} October 8 2005 6:52 PM EDT

YNM{WillbeGunproof4ever} October 10 2005 7:43 AM EDT

YNM{WillbeGunproof4ever} 11:45 AM EDT

Adrian Exodus October 17 2005 2:37 PM EDT

Adrian Exodus October 10 2005 9:22 AM EDT

Adrian Exodus 10:38 AM EDT

{CB3}-HR22 October 17 2005 5:19 PM EDT

WastedDeath 5:18 PM EDT
12 more votes to go

Synco October 17 2005 5:22 PM EDT

LeonP 5:21 PM EDT

C'mon, only eleven left!

QBOddBird October 17 2005 5:26 PM EDT

countdown: 10 more!

Maelstrom October 17 2005 5:52 PM EDT

Maelstrom (Murcielago) YNM{WillbeGunproof4ever}
(Your Older Minion) $5000 5:50 PM EDT

And that's the last of the ten I can pay for. Maybe someone else will pay for the others?

Only 8 more votes needed! 5 votes will expire tonight, so lets get this done with quickly.

Maelstrom October 18 2005 9:45 AM EDT

Only one (1) vote needed! Come on, someone finish it off!

AngryZac October 18 2005 12:15 PM EDT

Finished it off, and then bid on it (so I could be last and first)
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