why? (in General)

Unappreciated Misnomer October 17 2005 4:54 PM EDT

im not new to cb2, and i have not played much, but what the darndiddleyarnest is going on??


nemesis enforcer takes damage from his own Fireball (401)!
nemesis enforcer's Fireball hit Wally the Green Monster [1942], nemesis enforcer's familiar [842], cobra commander [576]
nemesis enforcer's familiar's Guardian Angel smote nemesis enforcer (438)
cobra commander's Guardian Angel smote nemesis enforcer (301)

just that part, why oh why do i just decide to smack my own team.was i supposed to roll an intelligence die for my characters

?? please tell me why i hit my own char, i understand why the hit me back(GA duh) by the way its against Red Sox Nation

blah blah, spell check does not like my minions names, la la la, it believes i have too many mis-spelled words

QBsutekh137 October 17 2005 4:58 PM EDT

Fireball "splashes" in melee. Always has, here on CB2.

QBOddBird October 17 2005 4:58 PM EDT

check train>spell and skill descriptions>Fireball for this answer:

Powerful ranged spell, but beware: unprotected friendly Minions will take half damage during melee rounds.

Mountain Man October 17 2005 5:00 PM EDT

fireball back-lashes dmg to your own minions in melee now.

QBRanger October 17 2005 5:01 PM EDT

Have you bothered to even read the spell descriptions you get to from the train page? Have you bothered to read about FB in the wiki?

FB does damage to your own minions when you reach melee rounds. Its all there if you would look for it.

I was Dignifried Bean October 17 2005 5:29 PM EDT

I think his question is why does GA strike back at the splash. It is a valid question. Why?

QBsutekh137 October 17 2005 5:34 PM EDT

It just does. The "splash" damage is treated like any other damage. GA lashes back at the attacker. In the case of FB splash, the attacker is your own mage.

Starseed^Lure October 17 2005 5:58 PM EDT

heh, I'd never thought of that before. Quite the circle of hate produced by a FB+GA in melee rounds!

NSFY October 17 2005 7:01 PM EDT

Interesting contrast in QB demeanor.

Special J October 17 2005 7:05 PM EDT

I recently changed from GA to AS for that very reason. My own GA was killing me in the long run, that on top of FB in melee was causing more issues than help.

And Ranger is correct, the wiki and other information is provided through the hard work of other players, at least take the time to read it over.

YOU October 17 2005 7:11 PM EDT

I am surprise to see a person who start in Jan sold out in May return in "recently" and doesn't know FB splash damage. Or could it be i lost 5 months of work data today (overwritten backup data with dummy file) and completely lost my head over it this moment. If this is the case, please consider this is ranting and look into the changelog for recent damage of spell reduction.

Special J October 17 2005 7:50 PM EDT

you wins for the most confusing reply, but we knew that already. ;)

RIPsalt3d October 17 2005 8:32 PM EDT

Ha! I would nominate you for QB, NSFY, but it would ruin your cool name. ;)

QBRanger October 17 2005 8:35 PM EDT

If your question is why my GA attacks my own minions that is simple:

Minion A casts GA.

Minion B damages Minion A (it does not matter if A and B are on the same character). On friendly minions this happens with FB in melee rounds.

Minion A's GA damages Minion B.

With Fireball doing 1/2 damage to friendly minions in melee rounds Minion A and B frequently are on the same character on FB based characters.

Unappreciated Misnomer October 18 2005 4:29 PM EDT

i dont think all this was necessary,

it was put best..

Fireball "splashes" in melee.

Stryfe October 18 2005 4:46 PM EDT

Fireball is for Solo, or if you only have Enchanters I suppose. If you have Tanks then its best to use CoC.

Maelstrom October 18 2005 5:00 PM EDT

Not so, Stryfe. If you keep a MgS on your tanks, FB is still very useful.

Stryfe October 18 2005 5:41 PM EDT

Thats a good point, so isn't it if you have a + 50 Mage Shield you will take no Damage? ie. Fireball his for 100 points, you take 50 damage and absorb 50 = Mage still has original 100 hp?

RAMPAGE October 18 2005 7:33 PM EDT

Hey stop picking on Wally! Hasn't he suffered enough with the Sox getting swept in the first round? =)
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