Question on Decay; (in General)

Untouchable October 17 2005 7:52 PM EDT

my question is, when does the decay affect start kicking in? does it really half the opponents life? and how much exp needs to be trained into it in order for the caster to half the opponent?

im just curious :]

QBRanger October 17 2005 7:54 PM EDT

Decay works starting the first melee round.

If your opponent does not have AMF, a base trained level will 1/2 your opponents HP.

The only reason for training it is to overcome your enemies AMF.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] October 17 2005 7:54 PM EDT

a base decay will halve the HP of any minion without protection from AMF. It begins casting in melee rounds

! Love Barney October 17 2005 7:57 PM EDT

i also dont know how this works. ..

how does amf counter decay? is it a hit or miss type thing?

Special J October 17 2005 8:01 PM EDT

I was sitting here, thinking the exact same thing as dwb, does it get reflected back due to AMF? Or just stopped?

RIPsalt3d October 17 2005 8:11 PM EDT

The wiki says: "When used versus Decay, the damage inflicted is based upon the AMF % multiplied by 1/2 opponents Hit Points at time of casting."

! Love Barney October 17 2005 8:20 PM EDT

i always thought it worked like this:

if amf works 51% against decay. . .100% of decay is splashed back and no damage done to opponent. But if less than 50% of amf works against it. . .decay goes on to do its damage. . .

and im still a little confused. . .

Stryfe October 17 2005 8:24 PM EDT

In any case I experimented with a Base Decay level and Max DM minion and it totally sucked.

RIPsalt3d October 17 2005 8:28 PM EDT

Decay isn't that different from other DDs when it comes to AMF. It only gets interesting because you can do as much damage with a base Decay as you can with one at 1M.

Say you have 100 HP and no AMF. Any Decay at all will leave you with 50 HP. If you had an AMF that cast for (0.50), you will lose 25 HP ((100HP / 2) * 0.5). If your AMF casts at (0.80), you will lose 40 HP ((100HP / 2) * 0.8).

! Love Barney October 17 2005 8:32 PM EDT

the person with amf will lose 40 hp or the minions with decay?

RIPsalt3d October 17 2005 8:37 PM EDT

The person with AMF, i.e. the one being hit by Decay.

! Love Barney October 17 2005 8:41 PM EDT

that doesnt make sense. . .the bigger the amf the more damage they receive? The amf that reduced 50% received less damage than the one that reduced 80%? is that how it works or am i mixing it up

RIPsalt3d October 17 2005 8:50 PM EDT

Oh bugger. I got that all wrong. For simplicity's sake, assume both parties have 100 HP and change the word 'lose' to 'reflect'.

So your AMF at (0.80) will reflect 40 HP damage back to the Decay mage, and allows 10 HP damage through.


DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] October 18 2005 4:48 AM EDT

Let me finish this for you all who don't really even use Decay and therefore don't know the effect of AMF against it. When AMF is cast at half level plus one against a Decay, the damage is then returned to the caster of Decay. There is no percentage of damage taken just the Same 50% life taken off. The effects of Decay are always the same... 50% damage to defenders life.... or 50% to attackers life depending on the presence of AMF.
Thanks for your time guys.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 18 2005 5:11 AM EDT

Guys, unless it's been changed from CB1, I think that's wrong.

The AMF backlash is based on the casters HP (1/2 HP at time of casting) not the Targets.

Target and Caster both have 100 HPs.

With no AMF, Target takes 50 HP from Decay.

With 50% AMF, Target takes 25 HP damage, Caster takes 25 HP damage (50% of 100/2).

With 100% AMF, Target takes 0 damage, Caster takes 50 damage.

At least that was how I thought it worked! ;)

QBJohnnywas October 18 2005 5:31 AM EDT

GL, you have it correct.

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] October 18 2005 5:42 AM EDT

Sorry my bad I just tested it to check and you are right GL. Sorry about being presumptuious.

Grim Reaper October 18 2005 6:07 AM EDT

If you must know for the most part decay will work like this if you got giant hp on your minion it can get ugly so here is something from what i had when I had decay
Enemy Casts 400k AMF

My minion would take dmg of 100k which normally would be done against enemy but since they got amf, a lot of the dmg I do to them backfires on me so my big wall drops fast because of this.
So then my minion would do like dmg of 1-3k

It gets ugly there.

Only thing more ugly is
Enemy minion casts DM of 200k

Myminion deals damage of 400k!

so anyways even at like I had each of the 4 minions with 25k decay each I pulled off like 3-5k dmg on each minion. It was nice still being a wall in ranged since decay wont work there but in melee they going to die there anyways right? Might aswell slap some decay I thought. It worked well but it didn't change my battles much. I still won against same people, my minions had lower hp but against DM opponents it ripped em to shreds faster.
So with decay I sacrificed let's say normally I would do to someone 100k dmg per round from GA and they deal what like 200k hp to me? But with decay around I would basically trade off ga for decay and end up taking the 200k + I end up taking another 100-200k if their hp is huge enough.

So in the end decay does not work well if you factor in GA on your side unless you know what you are doing and are fighting against DM targets :)

So my advice is don't get decay unless you got a 20hp minion

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 18 2005 6:38 AM EDT

"So my advice is don't get decay unless you got a 20hp minion"

That dies in the first round of ranged to FB. ;)
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