How much EXP do you save before you train? (in Off-topic)

Untouchable October 17 2005 11:20 PM EDT

i just want to know :D
i think saving up only 30k exp is a little...and does saving upmore exp get your more exp for your reward?

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 17 2005 11:21 PM EDT

no it doesn't help anymore...shouldn't have ever helped on cb2...but meh.

I train as often as i think of it, rarely do i not train after a BA set.

! Love Barney October 17 2005 11:23 PM EDT

i train after every single battle

xDanELx October 17 2005 11:25 PM EDT

I train before I go to sleep. By that time, assuming I've used all my BAs up, I would have about 20k+ saved. Doesn't really seem like any point in saving up a lot before training.

[T]Vestax October 18 2005 12:05 AM EDT

After 13000 I train on Silence. All the others get trained after building up 14000.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 18 2005 3:02 AM EDT

I would fight until my list is comatose, then train whatever I had and go back fighting.

InebriatedArsonist October 18 2005 3:15 AM EDT

I train whenever I remember to do so. Usually I have 100-200k laying around.

Stryfe October 18 2005 7:03 AM EDT

I set goals for my next train, its very easy to manage this one mage. So If my goal is 4000 more HP/Fireball and 1000 more DM, I'll figure it out before hand on Custom and use "Other" because for some reason I have a problem with uneven numbers.

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] October 18 2005 7:20 AM EDT

30k EXP isn't uncommon for me.

Too lazy for my own good. ;)

48Zach October 18 2005 7:25 AM EDT

I just spend all my BA , come back in a couple hours , blow it all again then train.

Inferno October 18 2005 7:26 AM EDT

I have 4 Minions, I usually train after I BA set of 160 or so.. which is from 10k - 18k per minion.

empty orchestra October 18 2005 7:27 AM EDT

whenever i notice it's over 10k, i train.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] October 18 2005 7:33 AM EDT

every 25k here, nice round number, round like a doughnut /me drools

Gilgamesh2090 [NCB Shop] October 19 2005 6:04 PM EDT

every 85-100k

Synco October 19 2005 6:07 PM EDT

Same as GL.

Saving up exp is pointless, when VPR includes all the untrained exp. It'll only hurt you.

Ilovehellokitty October 19 2005 6:21 PM EDT

I still have 1million exp on each minion untrain :P. There's no point putting it in due to the fact that i can't beat whoever else i am already beating with or without it.

{CB3}-HR22 October 19 2005 6:32 PM EDT

I train after every BA reset (160) i usually have 30-45k XP.

Garthok October 19 2005 8:39 PM EDT

i train at about 1.5k

QBRanger October 19 2005 10:15 PM EDT

Normally after each set of BA, whether its 160 or 503 (after I buy it all).

Sometimes, but to change things, I save xp for a few days to see a nice jump in MPR.

The most I have saved up is 1.1 million on each minion.

Lumpy Koala October 20 2005 4:09 AM EDT

I train when i have time :P No specific amount :P

If you know the direction of your char, might as well train whenever you can, because reward is determined from virtual PR anyway.

If you feel you are about to retrain or like Kitty's case, won't matter much if trained, then don't train at all. Coz it'll be especially handy and XP saving to have a few million of XP during change month :)

AdminG Beee October 20 2005 5:14 AM EDT

Normally after I have 6k+ on each minion.

I like roundness so I train 3 of my minions first leaving the BL one to last in order to see if it drops from 1.00 to 0.99
If it does I train exactly 6k onto BL as this takes me up in nice round multiples of 500 without having too much experience wasted on it by being over 1.00 - the balance then goes on my HP at present.

QBJohnnywas October 20 2005 5:59 AM EDT

I didn't realise people did this until recently - dunno what rock I was living under!

The people on my fightlist are generally fighting as much as me, so some of them it's a bit of a race to stay ahead of them. That way I avoid draws and at worse losses. It's also fun then to see me outpace someone who's farming me and suddenly drawing to them or better still winning!

The only time I've saved xp is when I'm planning a change and want to add a new enchantment etc.

Quark October 20 2005 12:27 PM EDT

If I let it go over 20k per minion, it seems to reduce my fight rewards. So that's my cap.

Gilgamesh2090 [NCB Shop] October 20 2005 4:24 PM EDT

All players fought were other clan members. I had a 142% NUB and a 9.2% clan bonus.

Run 1 (22,000 exp on all minions) $4025/10 = $402.50 per fight

Run 2 (23,500 exp on all minions) $4772/10 = $477.20 per fight

Run 3 (25,000 exp on all minions) $5204/10 = $520.40 per fight

Average: $466.70 per fight

Run 1 (<10 exp on all minions) $5487/10 = $548.70 per fight

Run 2 (1000 exp on all minions) $4408/10 = $440.80 per fight

Run 3 (2500 exp on all minions) $4166/10 = $416.60 per fight

Average = $468.70 per fight


Stryfe October 20 2005 5:57 PM EDT

MPR only raises after you have trained, and PR will only raise if you add items or your Tattoo is growing. Saving up XP can be very useful because you do not have to change your Favorites list as often. If your like me - Inspecting all options for the highest score(Yours) vs. PR(Opponents) that you can beat for the maximum possible rewards - it can be a hassle to change it frequently.

Synco October 20 2005 6:28 PM EDT

PR will also grow if your MPR increases.

Sukotto [lookingglas] October 20 2005 7:37 PM EDT

When calculating rewards, the system takes into account your untrained xp so saving it will actually decrease your rewards over time.

Stryfe October 20 2005 8:56 PM EDT

I've saved up 100k before and never noticed a decrease in my rewards, but I did notice after I trained the XP a dramatic drop in rewards for the same chars.

Sukotto [lookingglas] October 20 2005 10:45 PM EDT

I can't speak to what you've experienced Stryfe. However, I can point to Jon's statement about virtual pr here.

Of course, it's possible he removed it again and I just can't find the post... but I doubt it

Adrian Exodus October 20 2005 11:08 PM EDT


Pummel October 23 2005 4:39 AM EDT

heh..doesn't matter..i use it after my 160 ba which is usually like 50-60k exp
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